Are you walking through a storm towards your miracle? What is a miracle? If you stop and think about it, miracles are usually manifest in the midst of dire circumstances. In fact, you would not ask God for a miracle unless you or a loved one is facing a life and death situation, isn't that right? A miracle is perceived to be instantaneous. In the Gospels we see Jesus pronouncing a person to be made whole, and "poof" an instant miracle. If Jesus did it then, and you believe that He has been and is doing it for millions of others today, then you might be thinking: "why not me?"

Let's have a look at some Biblical miracles. The first one that comes to mind is how Moses, with his rod, performed the ten plagues. Yes, they were miracles. But with each one the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart more! Although the plagues were miraculous in nature, they were

for a sign for Pharaoh and the Egyptians that the God of Israel was more powerful than their magicians. The real miracles were that while every person and beast in Egypt succumbed to the plagues, the Israelites in Goshen were completely spared each time!

God had His purpose for the Israelites. Why did there need to be ten plagues and why did Pharaoh have to be so hard-hearted? I can only surmise that it took the Israelites that long to get their faith level up high enough to believe that their God was about the deliver them. They had heard about how He had brought their forefathers to Egypt 400 years earlier. However, now they were in abject slavery and their faith must have been at an all-time low. (Exodus, chapters 7-12) By the time Pharaoh finally relented, they had marvelled at the sovereign Hand of God ten times. Now they were prepared for anything! They even were bold enough to ask for, and received, all the gold and riches from the Egyptians!

Did they suddenly get transported out of their misery and into the Promised Land? More often than not miracles are the culmination of a long process. In the case of the Israelites, they had to walk a long way and were followed by the army until there was no way out! With the army on one side and the Red Sea on the other, their orders were to keep walking! As they walked into the sea, Moses held up his rod, and the waters parted! (Ex. 14)

Are you waiting for a miracle that does not seem to come? Could it be that, although you think you have faith, you're not really walking in faith? Are you sitting back and waiting for God to miraculously manifest Himself in your life? He could. However, no matter how bad the conditions surrounding you, He wants you to start walking! Walk in faith, expecting doors to open up before you, one at a time.

You won't know how close you are to a major miraculous intervention in your life if you miss the hand of God in the little breakthroughs. Take every step in faith and thank Him for all the joys and benefits along the way. Then you'll be well on the way to receiving your miracle. How do I know? I'm speaking from experience. He carried me, and helped me "mount up with wings as eagles (Isa. 40:31) through desperate situations. The more I learned to lean on Him with every trembling step, the greater my faith exploded inside me until suddenly trauma turned to triumph!

Yes, miracles really do happen. Expect them! Your purpose is to walk in faith with a heart full of joy and thanksgiving for all His wondrous works in your life. Miracles will be pursuing you! "He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him; and honour him." (Ps. 91:15)