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Little Big Planet wins big at D.I.C.E.LAS Vegas--The opening 24-hours of this year's D.I.C.E. Summit was all business and included presentations by Valve creator Gabe Newell, Capcom creative director Jun Takeuchi, and Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. This evening, however, the annual gaming industry confab, renowned for its exclusivity and exclusive access, was able to get its glam by presenting the annual 12th Interactive Achievement Awards.

Jay Mohr hams it up.The awards are distributed by D.I.C.E. organizers, the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the International Game Developers Association, the Interactive Achievement Awards stand in stark contrast to Spike TV Video Game Awards. While that show embraces the idea that games are young and trendy entertainment The IAA event is an like an Oscar ceremony, attempting to recognize the growing popularity of video games.

If there's a crack in the IAA's classy appearance, it's the comical blue humor of Jay Mohr, who emceed the IAA's annual gala for the fourth consecutive year. Despite this, Mohr has proven to be a popular element of the show even though he viciously ridiculed the crowd as an audience made up of "guys as well as blow-up dolls."

"We're going to award some awards to those who merit them, as well as others who, frankly, aren't worthy," Mohr joked. "Some people will come here and be really"***holes."

Others who were earlier victims to Mohr's humor include Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopoulos and Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski. Richard "Lord British" Garriott was the subject of particular ridicule. "This man spent $30 million for Space," joked the comedian, "Maybe he should have put that money into his failed MMORPG Tabula Rasa!"

But, unlike Jamie Kennedy, with his notorious nerd-bashing at E3 2007 Mohr actually demonstrated a grasp of gaming. He made jokes about how his former Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison's acquisition of Atari was like salvaging the Titanic and also mentioned it was the case that Leonardo DiCaprio is now playing the company's director Nolan Bushnell in cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold a forthcoming Atari film.

"Did anyone else here complete Fallout 3?" He then asked the crowd before joking about Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard. "100 hours of gaming? What time do you think we've got?" After that the performance, when the Media Molecule's Alex Evans took the stage, Mohr mockingly referred to the pale Briton as "that person that was in Trainspotting."