Motor graders are an essential part of the construction industry. These machines provide a flattened surface for the engineers to proceed with other processes. From road construction to high-rise building development, these machines have proved their importance in any construction project with their capabilities and efficiency. 

These qualities have made this construction machinery an important investment in one's construction business. So, here we are with two of the top motor graders' models to present to you. So, let's dive right into it. 

Best Motor Grader Machines in India

1. Volvo G930 C Motor Grader

The G930C motor grader from the Volvo construction equipment company is one of the top-graded models available. This motor grader has all the abilities to make this the perfect construction equipment to buy. This motor grader has an exceptional engine churning out a power of 186 HP. All this power makes you an unstoppable operator for all your construction needs. This amount of engine power enables this construction equipment to have a top forward speed of 30 kmph. As a result, this can run in any terrain to carry out operations like flattening ground, creating inclines and many more. Furthermore, this Volvo G930 C has a total length of 8930 mm, which helps the operational efficiency of all its construction projects. 

 2. ACE AG176 Motor Grader

The ACE AG176 is an exceptional motor grader machine from Action construction equipment, known for its best-in-class construction equipment. This motor is called an unstoppable machine as it has an engine churning out a power of 180 hp to easily carry out all construction projects. With its best-in-class performance, the ACE AG176 has a forward speed of 36 kmph and a reverse speed of 35 kmph. This helps the machine run quickly to complete all your construction needs. Furthermore, the ratio of its perfectly crafted turning radius and its total length, i.e., 7800 mm and 9320 mm, respectively, helps this motor grader to have exceptional manoeuvrability to turn and run, providing full efficiency in carrying out the projects. Lastly, this is an outstanding motor grader perfect for any construction business holder to buy. For more information, please visit Infra junction.