Excavators are some of the most required construction equipment in the industry. These machines provide high value to construction companies of their capabilities. In addition, these machines allow operators and engineers to speed up their procedures more accurately and efficiently. 

Whether it's a digging task or any task for making foundations, this construction equipment easily helps in their jobs. So, today we bring two models of excavators from brands like JCB and CASE to choose from. So, let's not wait for any further and dive right into it. 

Top 2 Excavators from JCB and CASE

  1. JCB NXT 140 Excavator

This one excavator from JCB comes with an engine with power figures like 100 hp. This helps the excavator to have the capability of digging up to a depth of 5203 mm, with its bucket having a holding capacity of 0.6 cum. This way, you can be unstoppable when it comes to digging. This excavator also has a noticeable ability to operate with a maximum load of 14320 kg. This is not just an exceptional figure but also a great one. This excavator lets you do all the construction-related tasks without any worries. 

At last, this excavator has all the capabilities worth acknowledging in the industry. But, also, the next thing, this comes at a nice figure. Therefore, the NXT 140 excavator model from the JCB price list starts at Rs. 45 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 47 lakhs. 

  1. CASE CX 220C LC Excavator

This excavator is one of the preferable models in the industry and also by the industry-leading companies. As this CASE machine comes with an engine having a power output of 157 hp, that's helpful while allowing you to dig up to a class-leading depth of 6650 mm. 

With this, the CASE CX 220C LC is a monstrous excavator with a capacity of an operating weight of up to 22,220 kg. In addition, you can also increase your productivity in all the construction tasks, as this CASE excavator comes with a bucket having a holding capacity of 0.8 cum. For more information, visit Infra Junction.