ERC721 Token Development Company

Develop your ERC721 token to tokenize your digital assets with top-level security and smart contract specifications. As a top-notch ERC721 token development company, Hivelance implements reinforced logic and tools for creating your Ethereum blockchain-empowered tokens on high-quality standards. Your business needs are fulfilled by our developers by chaining the assistance from the Open Zeppelin library to extemporize the smart contracts for the development of your customizable ERC721 tokens.


Custom ERC721 Development Solutions Provider

A portion of the world’s population may be aware of the concepts of NFTs, their marketplace, and so on. NFT being the digital asset identification can be relished in many aspects as they are indivisible and maintain authenticity. One such representation of the NFT standards is known to be the ERC721. Being developed over Ethereum networks hitched with smart contracts, ERC721 is the popular token standard with a wide range of advantages offered to the users. On to the Crypto markets for more than 10+ years, We create a list of Ethereum tokens mainly the ERC721. Our developed ERC721 token standard is furnished with special prototypes and attributes defining the functionality and characters of an Ethereum token. ERC721 tokens which are developed according to your customization have many uses on a cryptocurrency exchange, fundraising activities, etc. We are the paramount ERC721 development company directing you to catch up ideas to build tokens on any blockchain networks and make your wish come true.


What is ERC721 Non-Fungible Token Standard??

ERC-721 is considered the unique and first token standard used in gaming activities. ERC721 was created to manifest the tracking and transfer of tokens. In ERC721, every token is completely non-interchangeable. In the ERC20 token standard, developers can create any number of tokens within one contract, but in the ERC721 token standard, each token within the contract holds a different value.

ERC721 is a standard interface for Non-Fungible tokens, meaning ERC721 tokens are simply a subset of Ethereum tokens. It allows developers to tokenize ownership of any arbitrary data, drastically increasing the design space of representing the token on the Ethereum blockchain.


Benefits of using ERC721 Standards for Token Development

  • Anyone can create tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with full uniqueness and standardization with ERC721 tokens.
  • ERC721 tokens can be used to represent ownership over assets, including physical assets such as land, and houses, or virtual assets like digital assets.
  • Tokens of any type can be built on the preferred blockchain networks and is easy to create your own crypto collectibles.
  • Fieldcoin will enable us to buy Non-Fungible ERC 721 tokens representing a whole land property ownership. It will be able to manage its lands.


Use of ERC721 in Games

CryptoKitties pioneered the collectibles use case and proved that individuals place value in digitally-scarce goods. Since CryptoKitties leverages the ERC721 token standard and the Ethereum network, owners can be confident that their assets can’t be duplicated or seized. There have been a number of games that built their platforms on top of the ERC721 token standard.

Decentraland allows users to purchase scarce, virtual land in the metaverse by tokenizing each parcel of land to a unique token. ERC721 tokens have the potential to break out tons of liquidity in gaming assets and create unique gamer experiences.


How to Create an ERC721 Token?

Our token developers carry out certain steps in creating your ERC721 tokens and they are given below:

  • We get the ETH tested.
  • Developers add files to IPFS
  • For smooth NFT, the ERC721 token standards are created
  • Users can verify credentials and start using.

Associated with the best smart contract developers, we can tend to offer you the strategic development of ERC721. As Ethereum is the most used and has several benefits, we can join you in providing reliable solutions in the development of ERC721.


Our annexed ERC721 token development services

While developing ERC721 standards, we also offer certain services like:

  • Smart contract development & Audit
  • Token listing
  • Token migration
  • Cold storage
  • Token wallet development.


Key Features of ERC721 Tokens

  • Stands taller as the unique identity
  • High level of compliance
  • Avail ERC721 token wallets for various device
  • High-caliber security features
  • Web3.0 supported
  • Transfers are easier.


Functions of ERC721 tokens

Permits ownership responsibility

Provides approval for transactions

Making transactions faster and a easier way

Can be used in exchange functions

Also represents the functions like: balanceof, totalsupply, tokenofownerbyindex, tokenmetadata, name, symbol etc.


ERC-721 advantages for creators:

The new standard guarantees that the creators take more responsibility, so potential buyers are leaning toward projects created with ERC-721 in the future. Creators can set the redemption period and other features of NFTs independently.


 ERC-721 advantages for buyers:

The new ERC-721 standard is a major breakthrough for all crypto collectors, giving them better protection against scams. It’s essentially an insurance policy providing your investments to be safe.


Why Choose Hivelance for ERC721 token development?

Leverage your business standards with the most popular Ethereum blockchain networks. ERC721 and its prospects can help startups and Budding entrepreneurs. The most demanded aspect of the crypto field is the need of ERC721 tokens and if you are the venture looking for these standards, why wasting time? Get started sooner with our team. We are the apparent and speculative ERC721 token development company to help you create your customized tokens and launch it.


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