The heavy-duty machine is the greatest innovation ever to impact the infrastructure sector. To be precise, it has majorly accelerated construction market growth in India for the past few decades. Moreover, the brands like Volvo & JCB, with their innovative solutions, have taken construction projects to a new height. 

The brands’ advanced features, cost-effectiveness, easy operation, etc., have made them the leading heavy-duty equipment manufacturers. 

JCB 100C1 Excavator & Volvo EC210D Excavator Models

1. JCB 100C1 Excavator 

This is one of the most sought-after excavating models in India. JCB manufactures this machine with an operating weight of 9733 kg, ensuring maximum work output. Additionally, JCB 100C1 is quite efficient at tasks like digging & quarrying, thanks to its massive dig depth capacity of 2740mm. 

However, this JCB machine is said to be engineered with a high-performing engine, generating up to 100 HP. Such massive power generation significantly upscales work efficiency at both construction & mining sites. Above all, the model’s price range is between Rs. 26-28 Lakhs in India.

2. Volvo EC210D Excavator 

This model has made it to the top list of excavating machines in India, thanks to its highly-advanced features. To illustrate, this Volvo excavator surpasses work output expectations due to its maximum operating weight of 20000Kg. 

Moreover, the model comes equipped with a high-performing engine that can produce up to 165 HP. Additionally, the model can dig as deep as 6730mm, reducing downtime and boosting work productivity. Overall, the price range of this excavator is between Rs. 62-64 Lkahs in India. Hence, all these features make Volvo machines a worthwhile investment. 

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