Yercaud Cottages offers group stay options for families, friends, and corporate groups. The property has multiple cottages that can accommodate a large number of guests, making it an ideal option for group stays. The cottages are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.


The group stay options at Yercaud Cottages come with a variety of services and facilities. The property provides a common dining area where guests can enjoy delicious meals together. There is also a garden where guests can relax and unwind amidst the natural surroundings.


The property can also arrange for group activities such as trekking, bonfire, and sightseeing tours, making it a perfect destination for group outings. Yercaud Cottages can customize the itinerary based on the group's preferences and requirements.


If you are planning a group stay at Yercaud Cottages, it is recommended to make reservations in advance to ensure availability. You can contact the property directly or visit their website for more information on group stay options and pricing.


If you're looking for group stay options in Yercaud with a low budget, there are a few things you can consider:


  • Off-peak season: Yercaud can be quite crowded during the peak tourist season, which usually runs from October to January. To save money, consider visiting during the off-peak season, which is usually from February to June. During this time, you may be able to find lower rates on accommodations, including group stay options.
  • Choose budget-friendly accommodations: Yercaud has a range of accommodations available, from budget-friendly options to luxury resorts. To save money, consider choosing a budget-friendly option such as a hostel, guesthouse, or homestay. Yercaud Cottages also offers a range of cottages with varying prices, so you may be able to find a cottage that fits your budget.
  • Share accommodations: To further reduce costs, consider sharing accommodations with your group. You can book a larger cottage or multiple rooms in a guesthouse or hostel, and split the cost among your group members.
  • Cook your own meals: Eating out can add up quickly, so consider cooking your own meals to save money. Yercaud Cottages provides a kitchenette in each cottage, so you can prepare your own meals if you choose.

Overall, with a little planning and research, it's possible to find affordable group stay options in Yercaud that fit your budget.