In order to answer calls from customers anytime, Jordan wore a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and he was now listening to a song by a band called ‘Beyond.’To get more news about The Abandoned Husband Dominates, you can visit official website.

Listening to the contemporary melody, Jordan recalled the time when he first met with Hailey three years ago…

Jordan was born into the wealthiest and most prestigious family in the world. The world only knew of mysterious families like the Rothschild, DuPont and Morgan families.

However, no one knew that the most mysterious family of them all was actually the Steeles.

The Steeles’ assets amounted to more than 100 billion dollars, but they kept an extremely low profile and their family was not even listed on the list of tycoons.

They also educated their descendants differently from others.

Jordan’s grandfather paid great attention to the nurturing and education of children of his family.

For example, Jordan had been learning martial arts at the same time as instruments like the piano and violin since the age of five.

At eighteen, he had already completed a four-year business school course at an Ivy League university.

In order to train Jordan’s character, Jordan’s grandfather arranged for him to become the live-in son-in-law of the Camdens, a second-tier family in Orlando!

The Camdens had humiliated Jordan for the past three years, but he endured and bore with it to finish the three-year test!

He thought he would go home tonight and tell his wife the truth about him being a billionaire but unfortunately…

“Hah, Hailey Camden, I wonder how you’d react when you find out my true identity one day!”
“Your father, Benedict Camden, takes me for free labor and makes me do all the arduous and filthy tasks which caused me to be injured several times. All the hard-earned money that I spent on my medical expenses, I earned by delivering takeout!”

“Haha, how dare you mention divorce to me? Don’t blame me for not reminding you, but after the divorce, you won’t be able to live in a large apartment that has a floor area of several hundred square meters or drive an Audi!”