The construction industry has undergone major changes in the past few decades. For instance, be it about the investment in R&D or strengthening the existing sales support and overall customer service. 

Consequently, brands like JCB & CAT have constantly upgraded their construction equipment models. As a result, today, they stand ahead of the crowd in manufacturing the best heavy-duty equipment in India. In particular, CAT 424 & JCB 100C1 are the top-selling models from these brands. 

CAT 424 and JCB 100C1: Price & Features  

1. CAT 424 B2 Backhoe Loader

This backhoe loader is one of the best-selling models from CAT construction equipment. This is because the backhoe loader comes equipped with advanced features. To illustrate, its operating weight is 3540 Kg. 

Additionally, this CAT machine, with its backhoe bucket capacity of 2 cum can carry heavy materials efficiently. Moreover, the model comprises 42 litres of hydraulic oil capacity, facilitating fuel efficiency.

2. JCB 100C1 Excavator

This is one of the best-selling excavators from JCB India, and for right reasons. To substantiate, the model comes equipped with 100HP, resulting in a high-performance engine. Subsequently, such horsepower ensures maximum work output at construction & mining sites. 

Additionally, this JCB machine has an operating weight of 9733 Kg. Moreover, this model largely facilitates excavation, thanks to its massive dig depth capacity. More importantly, the price range of this excavator ranges from Rs. 26-28 Lkahs in India. 

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