When it comes to sexual fantasies, men are no different than women. They are just as capable of imagining and indulging in fantasies that bring pleasure and excitement. If your partner can’t fulfil all your fantasies, you can always hire call girls in karol bagh.


Power Exchange Fantasy 

One of the most common types of fantasies for men is the power exchange fantasy. This type of fantasy involves a man feeling in control and powerful, while his partner is submissive. This can be a role-playing type of situation, where the man is the dominant figure and the woman is the submissive one. In a power exchange fantasy, the man is in charge, and the woman is expected to obey his commands. 


Voyeuristic Fantasy

Another popular fantasy for men is the voyeuristic fantasy. In this type of fantasy, the man is an observer, watching his partner engage in sexual activities with someone else. This fantasy can be very stimulating for men, as it allows them to observe their partner’s pleasure without actually being involved. You can ask the call girls in karol bagh to cooperate so that they can make your fantasies come true. 


Gang Bang

Men also often fantasise about being with multiple partners at the same time. This fantasy often involves a man having sex with two or more partners at once. It can be a very exciting and arousing experience, as it allows the man to explore his own sexuality and the pleasure of multiple partners.



Another type of fantasy that men may enjoy is the fantasy of having a threesome. This type of fantasy involves having two partners, and the man is often the one in the middle, playing the role of the go-between. This type of fantasy can be very arousing for men, as it allows them to explore their own sexuality and the pleasure of two partners. You will be glad to know that our call girls in karol bagh are ready to be engaged in threesome. 


Taboo Fantasy 

Finally, men may also fantasise about being with a partner that is much younger than them. This type of fantasy is often seen as taboo, as it involves taking advantage of someone who is much younger than them. You have the option to hire younger call girls in karol bagh from us. From young college girls to models- we have everything for you.