Facing difficulty in getting rid of QuickBooks error code 15104? If yes, then reading this piece of writing will surely be of great assistance. The QuickBooks error code 15104 is often experienced when there is a damaged windows registry entry or if there is a damaged QuickBooks update. The user can get rid of this issue easily by performing some steps, but he/she is suggested to keep the following things in mind.

  • In case the user is using multi-user mode, then it is suggested to change it to single-user mode.
  • And also ensure that the mapped file location is correct.
  • Once done with that press ctrl + 1 to open the product information window and also choose help and update QuickBooks tab
  • Choose options and ensure that the information in download location is correct
  • Also ensure that the software installation directory must be the same as the directory that is in the download location when the shared download is set as no

There can be a couple of factors triggering this issue in QuickBooks, which we will be explaining later in this post. However, if there is any query, or if the user needs our assistance, then in that scenario consulting our team at +1-844-405-0907 is recommended.

Steps to resolve the error

The user can make use of the steps to open QuickBooks in selective startup mode to get rid of such an error in QuickBooks. This usually ensures that the background tasks are not affecting the update process.

  • The very first step is to press the Windows + R keys, which will open the Run command window.
  • After that a cursor on the Run command screen will appear, and you must type MSConfig.
  • Now, click on the OK button.
  • And head to the General tab and choose Selective Startup and Load system services.
  • Now, move to the Services tab.
  • The next step is to click on the Hide all Microsoft Services option and then press the Disable all option.
  • And also click the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox to uncheck it.
  • The user should choose the Windows Installer checkbox under the list of services.
  • And also hit the OK button.
  • The user should then reboot your system from the System Configuration window.
  • And when the PC restarts, install QuickBooks Desktop updates while it is still in the Selective Startup Mode.
  • If the process is successful, turn on the Normal configuration and check if the issue gets fixed.

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With this we come to the end of this post, where we hope that information shared in above might be of some help in getting rid of the QuickBooks error code 15104. However, in case the user tends to face the same issue again and again, then getting in touch with our team professionals at +1-844-405-0907 is recommended. We are a team of technically sound QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock to provide instant support and assistance.