Let's try it once more!

If you feel the need to criticize this game Dark And Darker Gold, please do so here. Please stop here first and ask questions if you are seriously interested in playing DaD! If you just intend to complain and cry at the thought of playing. It is fine to not talk about anything. You are completely entitled to leave DaD without sharing your sour opinion. There are many people who would give advice and help learn the game better. Please ask questions here! There are skilled players who will aid in closing the gap! You're not the only one in the darkness! Trolls will be reported but dismissed.

In the most recent hotfix, they basically gave Wizard a kick in the shins?

I understand the reasons that is, but after taking a class the other night, I am 100% certain the class (and casters in general) are not for me.

I mostly played Ranger last night. Really enjoyed it for the most part , but I'll probably stay with Fighter especially since the Weapon Master change . It's now only a 10% decrease in power instead of 20%.

But overall my complaints are pretty limited...aside from what I'm guessing were hackers, or simply people sporting purple or higher weapons who shot me to near maximum health by a single knife attack to the chest...one of which was a Wizard who was somehow.

I'm pugging my wizard today. Just to see how bad it is that the adjustments are. I believe the splash damage is a bit over-tuned. The wizard actually doesn't feel as bad. I think these changes are fair. They are not class-breaking. You just need to make use of your abilities slightly more effectively Dark And Darker Gold for sale. The light nerf is huge time LuL tho. 8>6 yaokdude.