I guess I have lots to master. 5 years of WoW and got all the way to Elden Ring, but for some reason I die in like 3 minutes in this game Dark And Darker Gold. Blocks do not seem to block and my shots often go off.

Buckler is really hard to block with. In the sense of blocking is concerned, it's a general issue. You are hit by something. It's not enough to just hold the right click. You must block that direction. If something is thrown downwards, it will be in a direction towards you. Your shield is moved towards the side to absorb the damage.

If something is swinging out from the side. A type of sweeping attack. You have to move your shield to the left or right to intercept the attacker's direction. I don't want to confuse you with applying advice blocking techniques, however it does run much deeper than that. These are the basics.

Regarding swinging weapons is related. You keep referencing WoW. You should erase that from your mind. I'm sure you're making some comparisons to WoW and trying to incorporate it into this game. WoW is about as far from this game as one can. If you're not seeing weapon swings. It's due to a couple of reasons. Timing or the aim. Many weapons come with different swing ranges and timing. The weapons' ranges differs. Speedier weapons are more likely to cause you to be larger than the object you're attacking. Where slower weapons tend to be able hit at further distances.Why does the circle appear in Dark And Darker

There's no reason for the circle. It's not logical. Set up portals and then even additional than the hell portals that are required. If you dont find a blue one then youre being dragged to hell. You aren't dying to a circle which doesn't have to consume your health. If they decide to leave the circle, they take away the darkness mechanic that was consumed.

Im loving the game, but it's like they're trying to mix three games in one cheap Dark And Darker Gold.