Businesses needing Chiropractic Clinics in Orlando to improve employee performance, reduce costs and improve their bottom lines may be seriously underestimating the advantageous of chiropractic in the workplace.


What's All the Fuss about Healthy Employees?


If employees aren't running Back Pain Treatment Orlando in top form they aren't getting the work done they should be, draining resources and returns on labors budgets as well as giving the innovative edge to the competition.


Unhealthy employees whether it is suffering from back pain, stress or depression are employees who take lots of time off, increasing business costs and lowering profitability.


Ensuring employee wellness and increasing output is essential for any corporate entity who wants to rise within their industries or even just survive today.


Companies who ignore the need for employee wellness initiatives see rising absenteeism and high turnover, not to mention increasing difficulty in attracting top talent.


Contrast this with companies showing returns of $8 to $10 for every dollar spent on staff wellness and fitness.


How Can Chiropractic Help?


Of course the most prominent reason most turn to chiropractors across the country from Orlando, Florida to San Diego, California is back and neck pain. What employers don't realize is that this is going to affect their organizations sooner or later. According to the ACA half of all Americans suffer back pain each year and 80% will suffer these pains at some point. However, the majority of these cases result from every day activities, not accidents.



According to a new health report sitting kills! Workers who sit for hours every day have been found 40% more likely to die from any cause than those who stay on their feet. Get them up and to the chiropractor!


In current society, heart problems continue to be an issue and no one wants a worker dropping in the office. Recent trials have concluded that chiropractic can even lower blood pressure and thus prevent heart attacks.


Why Not Just Put All Workers on Prescription Meds?



Besides the long list of potential risks, side effects and the fact that chiropractic has proven more effective than medication in trials, who thinks and works their best drugged up to the eye balls?



Companies, who really lead their industries, lead in innovation. According to a study covered by Natural News, had lasting effects on creativity and solving real world tasks in 7 out 10 patients. So for those hoping to emerge as the next Facebook, Google or Apple, signing staff up for chiropractic adjustments may not be a bad move at all.