Of course it was. Yes, I was arrested Mut 23 coins. Every team raised it and inquired about it, and I responded with exactly the same response.

I didn't get away from it. I accepted on the burden of it

It is what it is. It occurred. I learned plenty from it and it was among the most positive experiences have had throughout my life even though it was unsettling at the time it was happening.

What turned out to be an advantage for you?

You realize that you've only had an opportunity, one chance and I was fortunate enough to have a second opportunity with an organization called the University of Washington. You are taught to achieve your goals. I attempt to educate kids teens, especially high schoolers, I spoke with a couple high schools regarding the dangers of driving drunk, and how it affects the people and how it can harm yourselfand others, family.

The great thing is that it happened before I even reached Madden NFL 23. I accepted responsibility for it. I didn't run away from it. I took accountability for it, and I moved on.

You've mentioned being a mentor for younger children. Did you meet anyone whom you have been an instructor to you?

You know, really? No. I mostly follow my coach, Steve Sarkisian and Doug Nussmeier, who's now the offensive coordinator at Michigan and when they were at my side, I just followed themand how they did things. So I kind of just do what they did.

Have you spoken to anyone?

The truth is that it's not. I've talked with Mark Bruener who played for the University of Washington, then Houston, and finally The Pittsburgh Steelers. I've spoken to him a several times. And I've talked to a bunch of others who are in the same program called for example, the University of Washington -- as tight ends madden 23 coins buy.