Wine Cartoner - Watch production video on the Vertical Autoload Cartoner - VC-VCA top loading bottles at 300 ppm! Smooth operations are realized with this fully servo driven automatic vertical cartoning machine. 

End-loading, horizontal cartons

Picking a blank carton from a stack of cartons and erecting it is what horizontal cartoners or end loaders usually do. The carton is then horizontally filled with product by the cartoner through the open end.
Finally, the cartoner will tuck or apply adhesive to close the open flaps. This kind of cartoner can be configured for completely automatic, semi-automatic, or manual cartoning.

Hydraulic Cartoners
A blank carton will be selected from a magazine of cartons by Vertical Cartoners or Top Load Cartoners, who will then erect it.

The product will subsequently be loaded vertically into the carton by the cartoner using a cartesian or Delta 3 robot. Afterwards, either an adhesive seal or a tuck procedure is used to close the open flaps. The vertical cartoner can operate intermittently or constantly.

A sleeve type carton is normally selected from a sleeve magazine and erected. The product is subsequently inserted into the sleeve either vertically or horizontally. Either an adhesive or a tuck procedure is used to close the sleeve. Leaflets and/or coupons are frequently included with packages that have sleeves. Sleevers may also be made to function in damp conditions.

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