To pamper ourselves with our csgo skins treatment it is essential to know about the look and feel of our csgo skins. We must first know under which category we fall, so that we don't delay the starting of the treatment. There are five major categories of skin. There are the normal, oily, dry, combination and the sensitive ones. After identifying the type of your skin, we should choose the right kind of cream and lotion. Today, there is no insufficiency of the numerous products available in the market for the various kinds of skin. How do you check your csgo skins type? One easy way to check is by wiping your face with the dry tissue in waking up in the morning. If there is oil on the skin, then the tissue will be greasy, and is called an oily skin. Apart from external skin care, you should be careful about your diet. A combination csgo skins is a mix of oily and dry skin. If there is grease only in the center panel of the face and dry elsewhere then it is a combination skin, which is T-shaped on the face. If there is no grease at all then it is normal skin. It is a perfectly balanced skin and less problematic. If the skin is too light, shiny and parched then it is a dry skin. It requires more care because it is quite sensitive. This is exactly what happens in the case of dandruff when our skin is deprived of moisture. A sensitive skin is very delicate and vulnerable and prone to allergies. This is not very easy to test.


  • Normal csgo skins - The normal csgo skins type is one of the best type which retains freshness, attraction and flush for long. It is a very rare type of skin. This type of skin is neither greasy nor dry. It feels smooth, supple, elastic and velvety. Colour glows under its translucent surface. Beautiful as it is, it need care for it to last. It has a good balanced oil and moisture levels, so acne is generally never a problem. But care most be taken against premature aging as there will not be extract oil to prevent it. Daily cleansing, toning and nourishing are adequate for the skin. Use a mild or balanced soap and soft water to wash your face daily. If the usual tap water is hard, you can soften it by adding a little borax powder to it. Always rinse with clear water and don't rub hard around the eyes because the skin here is very delicate. It is essential to remove your make-up before going to bed. Use a good cleansing cream. A skin should be sooth, baby-soft and elastic. It should not be puffy or shining. The pores are fine and hardly visible. A simple cleansing and dabbing with rose water is the answer. At least once a week, avoid using make-up. Extra care during onset of puberty is necessary for some people due to the hormonal imbalance.

  • Dry csgo skins - Dry skin is highly susceptible to extremities to weather conditions. Strong perfumed skin care products should not be used for this csgo skins. Exposure to sun, room heaters and air conditioners also take their toll. Few lines and wrinkles appear faster giving a premature old look. Protect your skin against wind, sun and water. Do not use soap ad cold water, or astringent lotions. Use a good freshener after washing the face with lukewarm water. Ensure that the freshener is non-alcoholic, since alcohol dries the skin. It is advisable to use a good moisturizer and gently massage the skin. Toning, massaging and moisturizing with a generous quantity of oil and moisturizer should be an integral part of routine towards prevention of the skin. The moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of the skin, giving it a soft feel. Opt tor a thick cream rather than a runny lotion, as it will have more oil than water. A good nourishing cream at night should be must. Avoid washing frequently with soap as its not only removes germs but also the natural oil along with it which protects the csgo skins and its elasticity. Cucumber juice is a good toner for dry skin and helps in moisturizing the pores. A diet which in vitamins A, B, C and D is beneficial for dry skin.


  • Combination csgo skins- Combination csgo skins type has greasy nose down the bridge and on the forehead like a T. It is a mix of oily and dry which is most misunderstood and mistreated. It needs a different treatment of each area. However, both dry and greasy skins need moisturizing. It is necessary to maintain the acidity of the skin. Choose a strong astringent for oily areas and a mild ones for drier areas. Wash your face with a mild soap and use cleansing milk a t night or use a rose-based cream. Mix curds and lime juice and a it to face and neck. It will works wonder for the skin. Blot off the excess lotion from the oily areas.


  • Oily or Greasy Skin - Most people with an oily skin are susceptible to pimples and dark shadows. Hence, care should be taken wash the face frequently, at least thrice a day. Use good cleansing milk or unboiled milk to wash your face at night before retiring to bed. To keep the skin clear of pimples and grease, drink at least six glasses of water everyday. Avoid using make-up, unless you need to attend a party at night. Steaming the face once a week is an effective method to keep the oily face dry.