Fire plays many roles in our lives. It is used for cooking and keeping ourselves warm, nothing can beat the applaud that radiates from a fire on a cold night. Having a brick Fire Pit Builder Nashville is an alternate to fireplace in the home. It is mostly located in the back outdoor place of a home. It is an ideal place for family get-together. It can appear to be an expensive addition to the home but if one knows how to build it, then a lot of money can be saved.


The pit should be ideally placed away from places where materials are vulnerable to fire like wood. Fire Pit Builder Nashville can be of round, square or oval shape. To start the task, the area has to be marked out first prior to digging out a pit of a foot deep. It is also suitable to dig the fire pit pad that has a depth of only 2 to 4 inches as well but the bottom of the pit should be level. Fire Pit Nashville


For creating the base of the Fire Pit Builder Nashville, bricks can be either laid down for preventing fuel for coming in direct contact with the earth. The bottom can also be lined using 2x4 rebar or panels; however this would be not advisable if the fire pit is planned for cooking purposes. The walls of the fire pit would also have to be lined with lining materials or bricks of preferred choice.


Now, proceed to the next step of building it by building its walls. It is really up to the builder to choose the height of the wall but it should not exceed more than 2.5' tall in order for ensuring stability. Thinking that many people will be sitting around the Fire Pit Builder Nashville, it is ideal to have a height of 2 feet. The wall of the pit has to be built before building and filling in the pit itself. The mortar used for binding the bricks together and to the ground should be mixed to the uniformity of heavy whipped cream, although some would call it cake frosting. The wall has to be build up layer by layer, it has to be made sure that each brick is tapped in place before setting down the next one besides it. It should be checked that each row is level with a spirit level. Any excess mortar should be removed.


When the fire pit reached the desired height, then it can be filled with more bricks and some mortar for providing a raised base for the fire. The mortar has to be given time to cure completely before starting the fire in the pit fire. A grill has to be placed over the fire if it has to be used for cooking and a fire extinguisher is also to be kept nearby as a safety measure.