The innovation and further upgradation of heavy-duty equipment have accelerated the infra industry. This includes the mining, construction, and agriculture industry. 

This scenario is quite illustrative in India. Herein, the equipment category like wheeled loaders & forklift trucks is the top-performers for facilitating the projects of these industries. 

Subsequently, construction equipment brands like Linde & LiuGong top the chart of launching the best truck loaders & forklift trucks. 

Popular Forklift Truck and Wheeled Loader

A. Linde MR12AP Forklift Truck

  • This equipment falls under the forklift truck category. The model comes equipped with several advanced features. 
  • To begin with, this machine can load materials up to 1200 kg with its massive lifting load capacity. 
  • Additionally, this forklift truck’s turning radius is 1597. This feature helps the equipment operate in limited space, reducing downtime.
  • Moreover, the machine can reach a height of 3000 metres, increasing work efficiency. Above all, the price range of this model is between Rs. 18-20 Lakhs in India.

B. LiuGong 870H Wheeled Loader 

  • Soon after its launch, this wheeled loader became one of the best-selling models from LiuGong. 
  • To substantiate, it comes with a bucket capacity of 4.2 cum. As a result, this feature increases work output by storing heavy loads in bulk. 
  • Moreover, the model comes along with a high-performing engine, generating up to 180 HP, further ensuring maximum work output. 
  • Further interesting is its massive operating weight of 21500 kg, accelerating productivity at construction and mining sites. 
  • Additionally, this wheeled loader from LiuGong has a ground clearance capacity of up to 431 mm. Considering all these features, this machine is also reasonably priced in India. 
  • So, which heavy-duty equipment category will be your next purchase? A wheeled loader or a forklift truck? 
  • Whichever the requirement concerning heavy-duty equipment, we cover it all at Infra Junction.