EA Sports will likely remove the card soon from FIFA 23 altogether. Fans who play with him in their team will have their own copy in Ultimate Team mode FIFA 23 coins. However, these will become untradeable versions, so that they can't be sold for sale.

It would also mean that the card will be taken out of all packs and will no longer be offered. Future goals or events that could have rewarded this card during FIFA 23 will also be modified. In the meantime, EA Sports might release an exclusive Mwepu card to honor the achievements of his short career.

Mwepu is also likely to disappear from both career mode as well as offline matches. At the same time the players will be in a position to take advantage of the various licensed players of Brighton and try them out when they are in the career phase. For the talented youngster it's really a shame, but it seems an excellent decision to look back.

The footballing community has prematurely suffered a number of losses through the years as a result of accidents, illnesses and many more. One would not have expected this to happen, but unfortunately, it has.

Members who hold the card can avail the services at the time being. The outcome will be frustrating for everyone in the community as Mpewu's season started in a positive way and was quickly becoming superstar in the game.

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