Another old favorite, this fresh fragrance is good for sweaty summers and provides a wonderfully cool sweet smell.
Majmua attar is made up of premium scent notes. This distinctive-smelling Majmua Attar is loved by a lot of people across India.
What are the ways to make use of attar oil?
The traditional and most popular method to apply the perfume oil attar is to apply the scent in a way that is indirect on the clothes that you are wearing.
The perfume oil attar can be applied using an applicator head that is attached to the roll of perfume bottles, or similarly, using an applicator stick.
Do we need to apply Attar to the body?
The most traditional and classic method to apply perfume oil attar is to apply the fragrance directly onto your clothing.
In addition, many synthetic products can cause skin irritation.
In conclusion, it is recommended to try only a small amount, regardless of whether or not you experience skin irritation.
How do you think Attar remains on the body?
Attar making is an intricate process in which science and art are involved. Attar contains many components and each has distinct features.

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