Hooked End Steel Fiber manufacturers Hooked end steel fiber CW04-0.75/35 Tensile strength1,150 N/m銕?/p> Length 35 mm Diameter 0.75 mm Hook shape Aspect ratio Young's Modulus210,000 N/ m銕?/p> Density7,850 kg/m鲁 Network8,200 fibres/kg Minimum dosage15 kg/m鲁 Application 鈥?Perfect balance between performance and cost After layer-by-layer tests, the optimal length and diameter matching were selected to ensure the monofilament state and avoid clumping after stirring. Meet routine load requirements at the lowest cost. 鈥?The most economical choice for thin top coats For structures with low loads or thin concrete surfaces, the use of longer fibers is limited. This model is an excellent choice for thin finishes. It is often used as an adhesive finish for building surfaces or floor renovations. 鈥?Ideal for compound reinforcement solutions Building structures using reinforced steel fiber composite reinforcement solutions are often limited by the cost of construction and the workability of steel fiber reinforced concrete. We select the ideal model for the composite reinforcement solution for you, saving the cost of the gap where the steel fiber reinforced concrete can easily pass through the rebar. Every year, the number of steel fibers we produced that can orbit the earth 230 times.Hooked End Steel Fiber manufacturers website:http://www.steelfiberconcretes.com/hooked-end-steel-fiber/