Fergusson said that as players progress and more deeply into their character "the game's currency cost to respect increases and eventually you'll get to the point that you're at Level 90 Barbarian and instead of completely altering my character, it's best to roll a new Barbarian and begin again Diablo IV Gold."

Diablo Immortal will soon receive its second major update on December 14th. The update, called Terror's Tide, brings tons of new content to the game, including the first post-launch zone called Stormpoint. The zone will introduce an entirely new primary quest as well as bosses, monsters and other characters to Diablo Immortal. It will also include content that is sure to keep players playing for hours.

The Terror's Tide update to Diablo Immortal includes new content that will appeal to experienced players as well as players who are just beginning their journey. In addition, every server are set at an Server Paragon Level of 320 (if they're below this level) and the maximum level of experience rewards for players who are below Server Paragon Level have been increased by a factor of two. Because this new Stormpoint zone is only accessible to players who are level 60 who have reached Hell Difficulty III and completed the Starsign quest, these modifications will allow players at lower levels to access the new content more quickly.

Players at higher levels will also benefit from improvements to the Paragon system as well as Hell Difficulties. New Hell Difficulties are on the way (VI VII, VI, and VIII) along with three brand newly created Paragon Trees. Paragon Trees are also set to be available at various Hell difficulty levels to make progress feel more satisfying.

Hell Difficulties have also seen modifications to the earlier levels. Players can join parties with friends from Difficulties I-IV, and the new Difficulties can be unlocked after defeating bosses. In addition cheap Diablo 4 Gold, rewards from Helliquary bosses are now scaled to Hell Difficulty which means that more Hell Difficulties will yield more rewards.