Drilling Waste Management Market Overview:

Drilling Waste Management Market is expected to be valued at USD 6.83 Billion, with a CAGR of 5.64% Forecast by 2030.

The drilling waste management market involves the management and treatment of the waste generated during drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. Drilling waste includes drill cuttings, drilling fluids, produced water, and other wastes generated during drilling, completion, and production operations.

The drilling waste management market is expanding pervasively in terms of revenues and size. The market growth attributes to the rising drilling activities due to the growing energy demand worldwide. Besides, increasing technological advances drive the growth of the market, improving drilling wastewater management solutions and techniques. Moreover, the ever-increasing population, alongside the rapid urbanization and industrialization, escalates market growth, creating a substantial energy demand.

As technology evolved, there have been significant developments in drilling waste management technologies, such as less waste generation technologies such as pneumatic drilling, directional drilling, slim-hole drilling, and coil-tubing drilling.

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Such innovative technologies implemented across the onshore and offshore drilling systems have been continually fostering market growth over the past few years. Additionally, substantial R&D investments in the development of waste management solutions and equipment influence market growth. 

Conversely, high investments required for establishing waste management systems are significant factors projected to impede the market growth. Nevertheless, rising usages of efficient drilling waste management services would support market growth.

Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:

November 30, 2020 ---- The Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), Shell, and AMG Recycling BV signed an MoU to evaluate the feasibility of creating a venture supporting the Saudi government's vision to increase value from its vast natural resources. Saudi Arabia is becoming a globally important region for the supply and demand of vanadium and desires to develop a world-class vanadium recycling industry. 

To support of this initiative, Shell & AMG Recycling BV, along with Shell Catalysts & Technologies, would explore the feasibility of developing a catalyst manufacturing and recycling.

Also, the agreement to explore the feasibility of building a recycling "Supercenter" would enable Saudi Aramco to refine its crudes in an environmentally sustainable manner through the manufacturing of fresh residue upgrading catalysts required to convert heavy oil fractions into valuable products and recycling the resulting spent catalysts and gasification ash which are otherwise hazardous wastes.

Drilling Waste Management Market – Segments

The report is segmented into four dynamics;

By Waste Type: Waste Lubricants, Contaminated Water-Based Muds, Contaminated Oil-Based Muds, Spent Bulk Chemicals, and others.

By Application Type: Onshore and Offshore Drilling.

By ServicesTreatment & Disposal, Solid Control, Containment & Handling, and others.

By Regions: Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Rest-of-the-World.

Drilling Waste Management Market – Regional Analysis

North America dominates the global drilling waste management market. The leading market share attributes to increasing numbers of oil drilling activities in the regions. In North America, shale gas drilling activities are increasing, particularly with advances in drilling technologies, such as directional drilling, horizontal drilling, and vertical drilling. Besides, the strong presence of notable industry players drives the regional market's growth, offering advanced technologies and efficient solutions.

Moreover, the early uptake of advanced waste management solutions and widespread awareness for the benefits of smart contract deployment of equipment services ecosystem boost the regional market growth. Government initiatives and funding from private sectors to develop innovative technology that can improve the operating experience by addressing refiners' waste management challenges and waste streams substantiate market growth. 

Europe stands second in the global drilling waste management market. Stringent government regulations for wastewater management drive market growth. Additionally, growing O&G sectors in the region positively impact the growth of the market. European countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and France contribute to the regional market growth enormously. The European drilling waste management market is forecasted to create a substantial revenue pocket during the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific region has emerged as a promising market for drilling waste management solutions & services. Factors such as the ever-increasing population and rapid urbanization & industrialization in the region increase market sales, driving energy and gas demand. Furthermore, the improving economy in the region influences the market's growth, increasing investments in O&G waste management areas.

India and China account for sizable shares in the regional market, witnessing increasing waste management technologies. The APAC drilling waste management market is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR during the assessment period.

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Drilling Waste Management Market – Competitive Analysis

Highly competitive, the drilling waste management market appears to be diversified with the presence of many well-established players. To gain a larger competitive share, industry players adopt strategies such as mergers & acquisitions, collaboration, innovation, and brand reinforcement. Players strive to develop low-cost, compact systems, emphasizing improved hardware. 


Major Players:

Players leading the drilling waste management market include Halliburton Company (US), Baker Hughes, a GE company (US), Schlumberger Limited (France), National Oilwell Varco, Inc. (US), Weatherford International PLC (US), Newalta Corporation (Canada), Secure Energy Services, Inc. (Canada), Hebei Gn Solids Control Co. Ltd. (China), Augean PLC. (UK), Ridgeline Canada, Inc.(Canada), Derrick Equipment Company (US), Specialty Drilling Fluids Ltd.(US), and Tervita Corporation (Canada), among others.