The Infra industry in India has witnessed a massive transformation within the past few decades. Additionally, heavy-duty equipment is driving this growth. As a result, both industries significantly contribute to the GDP. 

What's further interesting is that these equipment facilitates a wide range of tasks. To help with the same, manufacturers constantly produce machines like backhoe loaders, excavators, forklift trucks, cranes, etc. 

Subsequently, these equipment deliver massive work output while reducing downtime. 

Moreover, these are designed to improve work efficiency and overall operation. For instance, brands like Linde and JCB are two promising heavy-duty equipment brands ruling the industry. 

Featuring Top-Selling Equipment from Linde & JCB

1. Linde MR12AP Forklift Truck

This is one of the best-selling forklifts with a lifting capacity of 1200kg. This particular feature helps increase work efficiency by significant numbers. Additionally, the machine can lift the materials to a height of 3000 metres. Subsequently, this reduces downtime while increasing work output. 

Moreover, the turning radius of 1597 mm helps the efficient movement of this forklift truck in compact space. Furthermore, the machine's length to the fork's face is 1242 mm. Above all, the price range of this forklift truck is between Rs. 18 - 20 Lakh. 

2. JCB 3DX Plus Backhoe Loader

This is a popular machine from JCB featuring an operating weight of 11000 kg. This subsequently helps increase work output in the construction & mining industries. Additionally, the backhoe loader model can reach up to a height of 3000mm. Moreover, the machine can carry heavy loads at once with 1800 kg of lifting capacity. 

Besides, this task is supplemented by the equipment's 1 cum of backhoe bucket capacity. 

Furthermore, the hydraulic oil capacity of 26ltr helps increase fuel efficiency during operation. Above all, this backhoe loader price is between Rs. 30-32 Lakh. 

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