If you are a MetaMask user and you are looking at how to add and remove an extension then this piece of thought could be helpful for you. In this paper, we will be covering all the steps to be performed by you relating to this.

MetaMask Extension open up the path for their users to explore and interact with the several dApps.it must be noted that getting an extension becomes important when you are working through the web. However, there are some popular web browsers that support it. They are mentioned in the later part of this document.

Steps to add a new MetaMask Extension

As you are working with MetaMask for a quite long time, you might be aware of the supporting browsers for it. If not, I am listing the same below:

  • MetaMask Chrome extension
  • MetaMask Firefox extension
  • MetaMask Brave extension
  • MetaMask Edge extension
  • MetaMask Opera extension

You can select any one of them as per your wish, but the most popular one among them is the Chrome extension. Here, we will be going through the footprints of installing a new extension for MetaMask.

  1. Navigate to the MetaMask homepage
  2. Tap on “Download”> “Install MetaMask For Chrome”
  3. Next bang on the “Add to Chrome” icon
  4. Reconfirm to install it by hitting on “Add Extension”
  5. With this, you have installed the extension on your device

Further, you’ll either create a wallet or you can go with importing an existing wallet (if any). The steps to create a wallet are as under:

  1. Launch the extension on your device
  2. Tap on “Create a Wallet”
  3. Fill up the form for having an account
  4. Generate a strong password for your wallet
  5. Note down Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP), somewhere safely
  6. Follow the prompted instructions

With this, you have successfully installed the extension and set up an account on MetaMask.

How to remove an extension?

For removing an extension, look at the steps below:

  1. Simply reach the puzzle icon next to the search bar on Chrome
  2. Select the extension you want to remove
  3. Tap on the 3 dots, a list will appear then
  4. Hit on “Remove from Chrome”
  5. Confirm the same by pressing the “Remove” icon

By doing so, you have easily removed an extension.

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Bottom Line

MetaMask extension play a crucial role for the crypto players who prefer to trade in this market using their computers/laptops without any hustle. The cherry on the cake is that you can explore several dApps via these extensions.