Zimo looked back at me. I hooked my lips and said, "It's Yufei. He used half of his soul to condense your broken Zhenyuan and gave you a chance to be reborn.". You don't know how sad I am that he has made sacrifices for me again and again. You will not know how much I thank him for not letting you die and giving you such a chance to be reborn. I raised my head and stared at him in a daze. I said softly, "Zimo, you can't live up to Yufei's sacrifice. We can't live up to his sacrifice." I stretched out my hand and pointed to his left chest and said, "Zimo, don't take me as the center any more.". Ask your heart, what do you want to do? What kind of ideal do you want to realize so as not to live up to this life? Zimo, I have grown up. Your Lin Jialan, your Lin Yu, they have grown into a strong person, indomitable person. They will be happy, they will be happy. Zi Mo stared at me in a daze, and all kinds of tenderness and attachment in his brown eyes flashed through one by one, eventually turning into silent pain. He reached out and hugged me in his arms, letting me listen to his pounding heart. Three days later, I watched Zimo walk into the boarding gate at the airport, until the familiar figure disappeared in my eyes, and tears fell silently. Zi Mo wants to go to New York to create a world of his own, yes! In this way, the life of carrying forward the past and forging ahead into the future belongs to him, who is destined to be extraordinary. The text message rang at the right time. I opened the lock of my mobile phone and read the text message: "Jia Lan, the plane is about to take off. Why haven't I seen you yet?"? Wei Ye. I smiled softly,interactive flat panel display, locked my cell phone, and said in my heart, "I don't know how these two people will react when they find out that they have been calculated."? Ten thousand calendar years, August 1975. In the hot summer of Jinyao, the drought continued, but because I transferred relief from Fengyin in time, the people did not suffer too much. On the contrary, after almost a year of recuperation and the support of the Han Jueyi Buddhist Association,touch screen board classroom, Jin Yao has slowly recovered his vitality. Just then, a shocking news came from Huo Ling Guozhong. Jun Wuheng is dead. His youngest son, Jun Qinnian, who was only seven years old, succeeded to the throne. General Meng Zhao, Taifu Liu Cen Feng, and the Empress Dowager Carrian jointly visited the country. The fire plume is in chaos. I was shocked by the news. I always believed that there must be a reason for him to let me wait, but I never thought that it would be the news of Jun's traceless death. Since Huo Ling is in chaos, I must speed up the pace of unification. But for me, the most important thing now is to consolidate Qin Gui's position. As early as a few months ago, I began to combine modern knowledge to teach him the imperial way of knowing and employing people and loving the people. Qin Gui is very talented in this respect, plus he is born to be a person who is good at hiding, the depth of scheming even I can not catch up with, so, but in just five months, smart board for conference room ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, he has been reborn, faded childishness, with the grace and courage of the king. After that is the reception of the light and dark forces in the court, the dark camp I have slowly handed over to Qin Xue to take over, as long as she is willing to recognize Qin Gui as the main, there is no problem. As for the ministers in the court, the new talents usually just want to show their strengths, and they don't care who they are loyal to. Although the old ministers of Fengyin had submitted to Yihan, in the eyes of the courtiers of Fengyin tradition, they hoped that the direct descendants of King Fengyin, surnamed Zhuo, would succeed to the throne. Although Qin Gui was not surnamed Zhuo, no one in the court knew that he was the illegitimate son of King Fengyin. Therefore, it is the best choice to unify the whole country by Qin Gui instead of Yi Han. For the future rise and fall of the government, what I value most is a person-Han Ning, the second brother of Han Jue. As I said a long time ago, Han Ning must be the best candidate for the left prime minister in the country, and it is not easy to make him sincerely loyal to a person. Therefore, I had to tell him about the possibility of passing the throne to Qin Gui, and let Qin Gui slowly show his talent as emperor in front of him. A month later, Qin Gui told me excitedly that Han Ning finally bowed down to him and was willing to be loyal to him all his life. Since Qin Gui decided to be the emperor, I seldom saw him show such a childish smile. I couldn't help stroking his hair and said softly, "In the future, you must find the pleasure of sitting in this seat by yourself.". I know it doesn't make any sense to tell you to be kind to the people. But you have to remember that this position can make people gain a lot of things, but also can make people lose a lot of things. If you don't want to be nothing, you have to take a good look at your own path and then choose how to go. With a childish smile, Qin Gui grabbed my hand and shook it, saying, "As long as the Childe is always by my side and reminds me how to go, Qin Gui won't have nothing." I turned my head away from his endless eyes and smiled faintly. The day after Han Ning swore to be loyal to Qin Gui, Han Jue came to me. He asked me angrily, "Are you really going to let Qin Gui succeed to the throne and become the ruler of the world?" When I was reading, Wen Yan just raised his eyelids and said, "Yes." Han Jue sat down in front of me and looked at me with a complicated expression. "Do you really believe that Qin Gui can tolerate you?"? Linyu, don't forget the truth that accompanying a gentleman is like accompanying a tiger. Now he may still be your subordinate and loyal to you, but who can be willing to be subordinated to others after staying in that position for a long time? I nodded with a smile, and when he had finished, I suddenly said, "Jingyuan, officialdom is the most muddy pond.". Get out of here while I can still control this mess. Han Juewei opened his mouth and stared at me in disbelief: "I.." I was supposed to advise you, but how did you come to admonish me? I knocked him on the head with the book and said with a smile, "I will remember your advice, and please remember my warning.". You don't like officialdom, so why stay here? You can take most of the money inside and give it to Qin Gui to deal with. You're a businessman, and it's enough to do your job and make the most profit, isn't it? "Why should I stay here?" Han Jue stared at me, suddenly lowered his head and muttered to himself with a wry smile, "Yes, why should I." Stay here,65 inch touch screen, why. What about wishful thinking? I looked at him somewhat inexplicably. Han Jue suddenly got up and said, "Good!"! I listen to you and withdraw from this circle of right and wrong! But Linyu, you must also promise me to live well! 。 hsdsmartboard.com