"If you know you like the north so much, bring you back early." The author has something to say: Dang Dang, the new copy of the North opens! Take it back The car got off the highway and headed for the more and more secluded mountains. In her later years, the old lady liked to be quiet, but what she liked was the quiet that outsiders did not disturb. The Ye family made their fortune here, and the genealogy was also enshrined here. The ancestral tablets of generations were all in their hometown in the mountains, so the old lady went back to the mountains to build a villa and settled down beside the Ye family. The mountain in H city is much thicker than Qiongshan in B city. As soon as you enter the mountain, Luojia lies tightly on the window like a puppy and looks out. The world of ice and snow is overwhelming. Even if you are sitting in a luxury car with excellent performance, you can hear the creaking sound of the wheels running over the snow. Occasionally, there were luxuriant pines and cypresses by the roadside, which grew a little longer. The branches were brushed by the car, and the floating snow fell all over the branches, as if it had snowed again, which made Luojia's eyes shine. Up the mountain road and then walk a section, more and more secluded place in front of a row of high and low scattered villas, different from other villas that Luojia has seen, because here is the place where the Ye family lives together, each house is built very close and compact, but there is a feeling of a small castle. Dacheng looked at the front, "Ouch,Interactive digital signage," and hurriedly called Luojia and Ye Nan, "Look, young master and young lady, the old lady is waiting in front with people!" Luo Jia looked at Ye Nan in disbelief. "How can Grandma Ye stand outside waiting for us in such a cold day?!" Ye Nan frowned and ordered Dacheng, "Drive faster, let's get off quickly." The last two steps also ignored the slippery road, which was already a smooth road. When the car stopped,thermal imaging camera, Luojia saw Grandma Ye leaning on crutches, followed by many relatives of Ye Nan, still gesturing to the driver to be careful. Two people but already can not care so much, Ye difficult to open the door, Luo Jia immediately followed the car. Grandmother Ye Nan hadn't seen the old lady for a long time. He went over and took her hand. He turned around and held out his hand to Luo Jia. "Jia Jia, come here." Luo Jia looked at Ye Nan and the old lady standing together, do not know why the tip of the nose suddenly sour, I think of the time when Grandma Ye held her in the courtyard to see the stars when she was a child. Goodbye now, the young girl has grown up, and the old lady has white hair on her temples. Although she will have a strong body, there is a feeling that she has not seen her for a long time. Luo Jia hurried forward to take the old lady's hand and called out crisply, "Grandma Ye!" The old lady looked at her lovingly, her eyes full of love, and kept saying "good", temperature check kiosk ,temperature scanning kiosks, "In a twinkling of an eye, Jia Jia is already a big girl, and she is really good.." The girl acts like a spoiled child bluntly, "Grandma Ye, I miss you so much!"! How can you wait for us outside on such a cold day? Ye Nan's cousin looked at the two children and smiled. "The old lady has been thinking about you since the afternoon. Why haven't you come yet? How can you sit still if you don't come out to pick them up?" Women are happy to forget the cold, or men sober, Ye cousin hurriedly came forward to pull the leaf difficult, "stand outside what to say, go!"! The pot in the room is waiting for you to Instant Boiled Sliced Mutton. Ye Nan looked back at Luojia, two people's tacit understanding of a look in place, Luojia nodded, holding the old lady to follow up, "Let's also go into the house!" There are five brothers in the Ye family, and there are seven or eight cousins in the Ye family. Counting the women and children, a large family of about twenty or thirty people set up a long table in the hall of the old lady's Chinese-style villa. On each table, there is a copper pot from the north. Vegetables and mutton are placed on the table. As soon as Ye and Luojia enter the room, they boil the meat. The battle was so big that it could be called grand. It is said that there are many rules for a prominent family in the north like the Ye family, but the old lady is easy-going, pulling Luojia and Ye Nan to sit around the head, and other brothers, sisters and uncles are also kind to echo, so that Luojia this guest is flattered. She looked at Ye Nan for help, and they made eye contact across the table. Is it not good for me to sit here? On the opposite side, Ye Nan sat upright and gave her a comforting look. "It's all right. Grandma asked you to sit down once. It doesn't matter.". ” At the banquet, Ye's family fully demonstrated the enthusiasm of the north. The dishes in Luojia's bowl were always piled as high as the hill, and there was no time at all. Ye's sisters-in-law and aunts were busy taking care of her, picking up food and meat with chopsticks in the east and west. Jia Jia wants to eat more. Look at the thin one. This mutton is very fresh. It's flown in from Inner Mongolia. Eat more! What kind of drink do you like? Can I drink it cold? Why don't you drink some wine like Ye Nan? The first time Luojia went to Ye's house, he was afraid of making a fool of himself by drinking, so he looked at Ye for help. He immediately came out to help him. He picked up his cup and took the wine from his aunt. "She's not an adult yet. A girl doesn't drink anymore." My aunt poured the wine, glanced back and forth at the two of them, and joked clearly, "Oh, this is Ananda growing up, and he will love people!" Ye Nan's seven-year-old niece laughed so hard that she lost one of her front teeth and clapped her hands and repeated in a milky voice, "Uncle!"! It will hurt people! He rarely winked at the child. Such a vivid expression was rare on his face. Luo Jia looked behind the steaming hot pot. His ears seemed to be a little red again. I don't know if it was because of drinking. After a meal, the women could not help asking around Luojia, like interrogating the new daughter-in-law who came home for the New Year, completely out of sight, "Did Jiajia graduate this year?" Luo Jia carries the bowl, hurriedly swallows a dish, "not yet." In the third year of high school, I graduated in the summer. "Graduation soon?"? Is there a school you want to go to?! Luo Jia a "did not think well" has not yet said, next to someone laughed and interrupted, "that also need to ask! It must be the same as Ananda's B exam! Isn't it together like this? The chopsticks of the leaf difficult to pick up food paused and looked at each other across the table with Luojia. The next second, she was stopped by a sister-in-law,temperature screening kiosk, "Jia Jia, tell sister-in-law, what is the progress of you and Ananda now?" 。 hsdtouch.com