The inheritor of the God of death is powerful, killing the enemy and even dropping the five levels of the enemy, but that also needs to pay a certain price, otherwise, the inheritor of the God of death is not too bad? In addition, the inheritor of the God of death only inherits weapons and has no suit, but Ye Ling can get a whole set of suit parts as powerful as this robe, which he can't help but envy. The moment the flame dominator's robe appeared, the fragment of the flame dominator's robe in Ye Ling's backpack touched the task. In the melting pot, there are four legendary fire dragons of level 30. Ye Ling's task is to kill them all, and then use their dragon blood to bathe in the magic square, unlock the seal, and get the robe of the flame dominator. After seeing the task, Ye Ling was surprised and delighted. And surprise, nature is related to the fire dragon, Ye Ling completely did not expect, the melting pot of there are four 30 legendary fire dragon, Ye Ling's Yanwanglong cub only two dragon essence can wake up, if it is the outside world,Micro Gear Motor, kill four 30 legendary fire dragon, for Ye Ling, it is absolutely not impossible, and now, inside the melting pot, Fire element is rich to such an extent, Ye Ling's strength can be strong to this level,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, not to mention four 30-level legendary fire dragons. Ye Ling has no confidence that he can get rid of the four legendary fire dragons. Toy? Your dead space? What's the cooldown? Ye Ling suddenly thought that there was a master around him and couldn't help asking. Dead space. Zero cooldown. Consumes breath of death. The violent toy thought about it and said, "With my current strength, I can only maintain the dead space for about two minutes." "Do you think it's possible for us to kill four legendary fire dragons now?" Ye Ling asked. It must be possible! Violent toys said excitedly, "The inheritor of the God of Death is not only a skill of dead space. If we are together, as long as we don't exceed the limit of level 30 legend, I don't think it's a problem." Violent toy is a person who likes to fight, otherwise it is impossible to suddenly attack Ye Ling when he escaped before. If it's the outside world, the legendary fire dragon, I believe we can kill it, but now it's in our melting pot. Ye Ling gave a wry smile and said, "As you saw just now, my strength can change with the strength of the fire element. Fire dragons are the darlings of the fire element. In the melting pot, their strength will be greatly improved." "If that's all." Violent toy Hei Hei smiled and said, "I can solve it. I have a skill called Death Isolation, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, which can isolate all elements within meters. With this skill, I can guarantee that the fire dragon will have two minutes, which is the same strength as the outside world. If we are fast, we can kill it." Hearing this, Ye Ling's eyes lit up. "Without further ado," he said, "we're going." Ye Ling wanted to get the flame dominator's robe, which was very urgent. Four fire dragons, respectively, filled with the giant bowl of the magma pool of the cave, Ye Ling first went to the fire dragon cave in the north, according to Ye Ling's feelings, the fire dragon in the north should be weak in the four fire dragons. Sure enough, entering the Fire Dragon Cave in the north, Ye Ling and the violent toy saw a huge fire dragon lying down. This fire dragon, lying in a huge cave, looks like it should have a wingspan of more than 30 meters. The longan on the left has a long knife mark, with cold ice all the time. Ye Ling guessed that it should have been left behind when it fought with its former opponents. Just Ye Ling is a little curious, get its eyes into the strength, since he can this dragon eyes left such a scar, the melting pot has not been swallowed up the cold, that is how strong? But Ye Ling has no extra time to think about it. Roar! With a roar, the one-eyed fire dragon rushed towards Ye Ling. The violent fire element flapped its wings with the one-eyed fire dragon and came to the face. The fire element was absolutely much stronger than the 30-level fire dragon outside. Ye Ling dared not be careless at all, forming a wall of fire in front of him. Suddenly, the violent toy shouted loudly. "Death is isolated!" Darkness suddenly enveloped the whole world, and the one-eyed fire dragon suddenly felt that the fire element he could feel was already the same as the outside world. What did you do? The one-eyed fire dragon was furious. The answer to the one-eyed fire dragon is the anger of Ye Ling's fire element, as well as the dead space from violent toys. After the darkness hit, the remaining eye of the one-eyed fire dragon could not see or feel anything at all. The intelligence quotient given by the system to the one-eyed fire dragon is not enough for it to use the fire element to judge the movements of Ye Ling and violent toys. Boom! The wrath of the fire element, carrying the great power of the melting pot, the one-eyed fire dragon blooms, only to see a large amount of blood loss floating from its body. Violent toys, on the other hand, hold his dagger and rush directly to the eyes of the one-eyed fire dragon, quietly waving the dagger down, only to hear the sound of "puff", and the dagger of violent toys pierces the protective layer of the one-eyed fire dragon's eyes. Roar!!! A mournful, deafening sound suddenly resounded through the cave. Looking at the blind fire dragon flapping its wings crazily and angrily, the violent toy removed the dead space, but at the moment, the fire dragon was blind and could not see anything. Damn you, you ants, damn you! The fire dragon who lost his eyes was so angry that he was ready to release the magic of dragon language only with the fire element in his body. Violent toys and Ye Ling both know the power of dragon magic and are ready to escape. It was at this time that the shocking system announcement sounded. System announcement: The player'Dark Right Hand 'established the'Excalibur' guild at 0:1 of the Battle of the Gods, becoming the second player to establish the guild since the opening of the Battle of the Gods. The'Excalibur 'became the second guild in the War of the Gods. The player'Dark Right Hand' gained achievements,Planetary Gear Motor, 150 achievement points, 150 reputation values for good, evil and orderly camps.. Excalibur gains achievements. Excalibur guild members receive special rewards. Experience gains are increased by 05%. 。