Eleven voices, fierce and powerful, as powerful as a leopard's roar! Jing Qianling, of course, did not want to be always separated from the big dance by a half-day journey; on the third day, she finally could not help but catch up with the twenty miles ahead by night. Beijing Tiger Tyrant will not know? Smiling, he just patted Deng, who was following him in the dark, and said, "Brother Deng.." That girl will trouble you. "Life is bitter …" Deng ordered him to drink three mouthfuls of wine and said with a smile, "Will old man Li accompany your brother?" "No.." Li Wuming said with a smile, "I have something to do.." "What is it?" "There are some small leopards in the back." Li Wuming flicked his bow and said, "This night is a good season for cheetahs.." Deng Chi-ming looked up and laughed. "Be careful," he said. "Don't let the Ye family swallow them alive.." "Save.." "Go quickly," said Li Wuming with a smile. Three days later, the two groups arrived at the foot of Xicheng Mountain, which was located in Nanfu, Shanxi Province, and stood tall in the dark, especially in the sense that the mountain stood high and small in the world. We ladies of the Peking University are impatient, but we don't have the leisure to enjoy the scenery so elegantly. All we see is riding a horse with a whip, rolling up the dust and heading straight for it. After two hours in this way, the place where the Longwei Escort Agency was stationed was already faintly visible. They chose the shortest and quickest way to go, so there was no guarantee that they would be able to stay at the town hotel every night; just like tonight, both sides were at the foot of the south and north of the city mountain. Miss Jing was galloping on horseback,316l stainless steel pipe, but suddenly a thick fog came from all directions in front of her, and then it came from the forest! Jing Qi Ling raised her eyebrows, and she recognized that it was the method used by the three evils of Maoshan. Immediately, she shook out from her sleeve the cloud of a hundred mountains picking the moon. She wanted to see who had trapped who? There was a sneer at the corners of her mouth, but her heart did not relax for a moment. Suddenly, a tree grew out of a big stone beside it, and it grew higher and higher. The branches were full of sword fights. Jing Qianling hey, hey a smile, in the heart dark thought, these Maoshan illusion also want to cheat the girl me? In the past,x56 line pipe, when Yunxianzi was enjoying her time in Jianghu, she also dabbled in Japanese ninjutsu, Central Plains Taoism, and soul urging outside the Shanhaiguan Pass. The formation in front of her was a child's play. With a low laugh in her heart, her right hand shook up the cloud of the moon gathering in the hundred mountains, and immediately she saw a white cloud coming out of her body, and no one could be seen in it. At the other end, Maidiang, the second brother of the three evils of Maoshan, saw the figure in front of him suddenly disappear, and felt very bad in his heart. With this in mind, he immediately secretly put out three yellow flags from his sleeve, one in front of him and one behind him. At the same time, he raised the third one to the top and covered it, and the man disappeared in a thick smoke. Jing Qianling looked around and groped for the place where the three banners had fallen, and his eyes were fixed on the truth. This time only one of the three evils of Maoshan was here. What about the other two? Miss Jing Da laughed and ignored it, and when she had taken back the cloud of the moon from the hundred mountains, x70 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, she began to mount her horse again. Suddenly, the horse's body shook, and four ropes flew up around the ground, trapping Jing Qianling tightly in a moment. Startled, she was about to break free when two men dressed in Taoist costumes appeared in the field, nodding down their goatees. They were Old Barley Tian Ang and Old Three Barley Ren Ang of the Three Evil Spirits. We, Miss Jing, still glared at each other, and in the thick fog in front of us, Maidiang came out laughing. Jing Qianling snorted coldly, "With the three of you coming to capture the girl, I'm not ashamed to use such a trick.." "Ha.." Mai Tian'ang inserted the rope into the trunk and wound it around himself. At the other end, Mai Ren'ang did the same and wound the rope around the trunk. This method is Maoshan's famous Trapped Immortal Art. Mai Tian'ang walked up to Jing Qianling with a big laugh. "Miss Jing.." he hummed. Even if the three brothers invite you back to marry our son, no one in the world will say anything. Jing Qianling's face turned cold and he snorted, "The three of you pretended that only one Maidiang had come. In the dark, the two of you sneaked under my horse.". See if you have the face to hang out in Jianghu after this word spreads. Mai Tian'ang laughed, his eyes shining, and said, "I always ask for results, not reasons." Hey, hey, in the world, whose fist is hard and whose words are reasonable. As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed to Miss Jing's acupoint. Jing Qianling smiled coldly and said, "Old Mao is making himself suffer.". ……。” As he spoke, a tiny ray of light flew out of his shoulders and plunged into the palm of Mai Tianang. Mai Tianang originally thought that this time it was easy to catch, but this woman was really as tricky and strange as the legend, and accidentally caught her way. Mai Tian'ang had a pain in his palms, and it was too late for him to retreat. At the other end, Mai Di'ang and Mai Ren'ang were drinking loudly, and they had already drawn their swords to bully each other. It was obvious that they were so fierce that they would draw ten swords and eight swords on Jing Qian Ling. Jing Qianling raised his eyebrows and said coldly, "With your hard work, what can you do to me?" With these words, as soon as he hung his head down, the cloud of the hundred mountains picking the moon appeared in his chin after he was free. When Maidiang Dou saw that his sword had changed three times, he wanted to pick it up, but he didn't know that the cloud of picking the moon was made of Burmese iron and fire silk. As soon as the force of the sword hit him, he was entangled by it. Seeing that his second brother was embarrassed, Ang, the man with the sword, immediately sank and went down three ways to pick up his sword. Jingqianlingren sat on the horse, and his body was trapped again. It was already a big problem in the activity, but now the Mai people raised their swords from under the horse's belly, and they could not escape in any case. She closed her eyes and sighed, but suddenly opened her eyes and smiled. At this point, Mai Renang's sword was less than an inch in front of the Tianzhu point. Enough, as long as you don't stab your upper body, no one can predict what will happen in the world. Miss Jing laughed, as if the sword on her back and neck was so sharp and fierce, because she smelled a smell of wine. Wine, it's Peach Blossom Fairy Wine! As long as Mai Renang's sword goes forward a little more, he can cure the girl and give her to Ye Nongyi. Because, before leaving, Ye Da Childe analyzed that if the Jing Qianling really fell in love with the big dance boy, he could not help but go to visit him. So he sent his three brothers to the two Escort Agencies, waiting for Miss Jing to throw herself into the trap. Seeing that he was about to be caught,uns s31803 sheet, Taoist Mai Ren'ang suddenly felt that he was wrong. Because, at the moment before the success, Miss Jing suddenly disappeared. How come? Is Miss Jing the incarnation of the fox fairy? Of course not. So how can a person disappear in front of him? There are only two cases. lksteelpipe.com