turnkey brewing system usually refers to not only one or one piece of equipment, but also a production line composed of several pieces of equipment, hence the name turnkey brewing system. Generally speaking, the turnkey brewing system consists of the following five parts.

1, fermenter: Generally, only relatively large wineries will make fermentation tank, for food fermentation, small wineries can choose fermentation tanks and other fermentation vessels.

2. Pulverizer: turnkey brewing system can use other grains besides rice to ferment, which require pulverizer to crush. However, the general small manufacturers or individuals do not need to buy shredders, can directly buy crushed raw materials.

3. brewing equipment: In fact, this link is the so-called turnkey brewing system in the eyes of most people. The internal technology of this equipment is relatively complex, and generally it needs to be purchased by very professional manufacturers to obtain better quality.

4, filtration equipment: after the preliminary completion of the wine brewing needs to be filtered to sell or cite, this step must use the filter, generally according to the requirements of filtration accuracy to select different filtration equipment.

5. Storage tank: Storage tank is needed for storage after liquor brewing is completed. Generally choose stainless steel wine storage tank or ceramic cylinder.

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