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Concrete home decor made for you!

Concrete Kreation brings the most artistic concrete wares and home decor designs to life. We continue to experiment and create new designs to bring you the best classic and modern decor options available in one place.

Our artisans handcraft the concrete wares while keeping a minimalistic approach to help enhance the beauty of every decor item. We have made our items available in multiple size options to fit right in the space available in your interiors.

Get the best decor for your interiors!

The decor brings life to the interior of a home, and we make it possible for you to find the perfect decor items for your ambiance. Every concrete decor item we make is prepared using raw concrete right here in our studio. So, don’t wait, choose from a variety of housewares and artistic accessories now!

Committed to Quality

Made from concrete so they are great in strength, durability, and damage resistance. these pots are water resistance and UV protected, apart from that, the color pigments used are of high quality, hence are long-lasting and resistant to harsh weather such as wind, cold, sun, or heavy rain.

Each one will differ because they are hand-crafted and poured. It’s normal to expect there to be some air bubbles and minor color variations.

Sustainability Packing

We only use recyclable and compostable materials that are 100% plastic-free in our shipments. The box is up-cycled or made of 100% post-consumer paper. It is wrapped in paper and sealed with 100% natural water-activated paper tape that uses paper and plant-based starch glue.

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