discount Arbor Adaptor Product Description Our Arbor Adapter allows you to transform a typical power hand drill into a full scale buffer. Simply put, this adapter works with your drill like any other typical drill bit, but features an arbor for attaching buffing wheels. The Arbor Adapter is recommended for small scale use. Key Features 1. STANDARD DRILL CHUCK Adapter for 5/8-11 threaded core bits to regular 3/8 inch shank. Also known as the 5 8 male adapter or core bit adapter or arbor shaft adapter 2. Arbor adapters CONVERT and TRANSFORM 鈥?5/8鈥?鈥?11 Thread to 3/8 inch Triangle Shank for Standard Drill Use For marble polishing kit, polishing wheel for drill, sanding drill bit , and sanding wheel for drill or polishing wheel for drill. 3. Twist Resistant Alloy- Most Diamond Core Masonry Bits, tile drill bits, stone polishing kit, granite polishing kit, diamond polishing pads, diamond cup grinding wheel, grinding stone for drill and Back Holders are 5/8 inch 鈥?11 threaded adapter for core bits 4. Standard drill chuck adapter or core drill bit adapter will help you use your own standard drill with drill grinding bit and drill bit core. Connects to 5/8鈥?11 Female Threaded Tools, Core Bits, Hole Saws 鈥?Makes them a 3/8 inch Shank as a drill shank adapter 5. Drill bit adapter for granite, concrete, glass, brick. Use your diamond core bits for granite or diamond hole saw for grinder with standard drill. Now you can use sanding, cutting and polisher tools with standard chuck shank with our adapter for core bitsdiscount Arbor Adaptor website: