Furniture Reupholstering NYC: What do you need to know?




If you want to reupholster a worn-out piece of furniture there are a few things that you need to consider, we will talk about them here. If you think the process could be kind of complicated you can always depend on professionals to do the work for you. If you are in New York City, stay tuned as we will offer you the best service for Furniture Reupholstering in NYC.

Why do Furniture Reupholstering?

Reupholstering can be considered an important furniture project. This process involves striping a piece of furniture to its very own frame and then putting new fabric. Using new fabric can give old furniture new life.

However, not every piece of furniture will give good results and you need to know important things before starting.

Check beyond the fabric.

If you are planning to reupholster, it is because the furniture is in pretty bad shape. Because of this, you need to look beyond the fabric. You need to check the bones of your piece and check if they are made of good quality materials and if they are in good shape.

Analyze the quality of the structure.

Check the frame of the furniture and verify the quality of the materials. Prefer hardwood and verify the corners, they should be stable and strong.

Look for premium qualities

If you find the furniture you want to work with has specific quality characteristics, that piece is a candidate for reupholstering. If you see things like 8-way hand-tied springs, go for it, those kinds of pieces are made for extreme comfort.

Look for a recognized brand

If you find a piece that is of a recognized brand, don’t think too much about it, if the structure is in good shape, it is worth fixing it and reusing it.

Costs of Furniture Reupholstering

The amount of money you need to reupholster some piece of furniture depends obviously on the area where you are living. However, we can have an average cost considering different factors.

If we are talking about cushions, for chairs or couches, those would be around 70 to 200 dollars per piece. A dining room chair can have a cost of 150 to 600 dollars on average, depending on the type of chair.

If you have an armchair, prices can go around 300 to 1000 dollars. A small Sofa has a price that could go from 600 to 1800 dollars. Bigger pieces can go for more than one grand.

Furniture Reupholstering NYC.

IF you are in the New York City area and have good furniture that you would like to reupholster, Amato Furniture is a company that has specialized in the repair and restoration of furniture pieces for over 100 years.

Awarded with the Better Bureau Business, for amazing customer service is the oldest furniture specialist for furniture reupholstering in NYC.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your project.





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