Count Up Timer manufacturers 2 Digit Countdown Timer Display Profiles TimingAll 9-inch character height - Display is (H) 35cm x (W) 30cmx (D) 6cm Aluminum weather resistant top-plate, side mounting brackets, and grommeted backpanel Black aluminum extrusion frame with Outdoor Casing Dark Red Acrylic Face聽plate (Thicker for Outdoor) Each Display Includes: 2 push buttons, 40 feet of push button wire, Power Adapter with 20 feet of wire, 1-Year Limited Warranty 聽 Display Description The TimingAll 2-Digit pitch count display features 9-inch tall numbers encased in an aluminum-extruded frame. This is a sequential-number display that is operated by push buttons wired to the display or a wireless remote control. The large 2-Digit LED baseball pitch count display for Home and Visiting Teams is simple and easy to set up and use within your press box. This display comes with Weather resistant outdoor casing. TimingAll pitch count displays are made with Ultra-bright red LED for exceptional viewing during daylight hours and include an auto-dimming sensor that dims the ultra-bright LED for better viewing during night games.聽 Display Specs *(H) 35cm x (W)30cmx (D) 6cm *9-inch character height *Temperature Parameters (-4潞F to 95潞F)聽 *Black aluminum extrusion frame聽 *Dark Red Acrylic Face聽plate Each聽 Display Includes聽 *2 聽push buttons聽 *40 feet of push button wire to connect to the back of the display聽 *Power Adapter with 20 feet of wire聽 *1 Year Limited Warranty聽 聽Count Up Timer manufacturers website: