Cui Rong gratefully took the rope, looked up and said, "Master.." As soon as she said two words, her eyes widened and the latter half of the sentence was swallowed back. The master has disappeared unexpectedly. Strange to say, when the red rope was tied to Cherry's wrist, all her symptoms disappeared. Cui Rong gazed at her quietly, gently stroked her tender little face, and the corners of her eyes twinkled with glittering things. "Cherry, my good boy, from now on, you will be called Gao Xiaoyu." —— Alas, for the sake of my Lord, I wrote the King of Lanling to death so inexplicably. Bs, even.. Before looking for three, I opened this pit first, but rest assured, looking for three will still be serialized in September. The first place is also in Jinjiang. But the speed of this pit will be slower. And later there will be a comparison, a comparison of abuse. Plus a little bit of indecency, so be careful to jump. At that time, in fact, there was no popular name for the son, but I think it's a bit of a twist for the name of Lang Jun and Xiao Niang at that time. So, anyway, it's a novel. Welcome to Pai Pai Forum The Gao family has a daughter Five years later. Inside the residence of Gaocheng, King of Qi in the Eastern Wei Dynasty. Over the past few years, Gao Cheng,plastic pallet manufacturer, a general of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, was granted the title of King of Qi in his capacity as a general and prime minister, and was given special gifts, that is, to worship without name, to enter the court without haste, and to go to the palace with a sword. As a minister, his power and position had almost reached its peak. But what is surprising is that the mansion under Gao Cheng's name is still simple and elegant, without any publicity. Summer afternoon is pleasant and quiet,collapsible pallet bin, birds quietly perched on the treetops, curious to look at the scenery under the tree. Under the dense shade of trees, the lake water was dark green, and a boat was like a light feather floating on the clear lake water, which rippled with the movement of the boat. On the boat, there was a little boy in a green shirt. The little boy was only five or six years old. His skin was like jade. His eyes were slightly closed. A little sunshine leaked through the shade of the trees and just fell on his face, reflecting his skin more crystal clear. Four childs, four childs. Hearing the voice of Shi Xiaoe calling him not far away, the boy opened his eyes, but just smiled, turned sideways, and covered his face with the lotus leaf he had just pulled off. Four childe, four childe, so you are here, scared to death maidservant, just a maidservant turned around, you disappeared, Xiao E found the boy lying on the boat, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, relieved. Four childe, here is very dangerous, please hurry ashore, if let adults know, maidservant. I'm afraid the maidservant. The boy lazily picked up the lotus leaf covering his face and turned over his eyelids. Xiao'e, bring me up. As soon as Xiao E wanted to come forward, she suddenly remembered the tragic experience of being teased by him countless times before, and hesitated for a moment. Just as she hesitated, she suddenly saw the fourth son raise his head. He gazed at her with his black eyes, like the eyes of a wounded animal, so innocent that it was heartbreaking, so clear that it was painful. At this time, Xiao E had long forgotten the painful lessons before, and hurriedly lifted her feet off the boat. Almost at the same moment, the fourth son raised something and threw it at her. She was so frightened that she saw an ugly toad coming towards her. She was so frightened that her feet were weak. When she was absent, the fourth son jumped to the shore at the fastest speed and quickly untied the rope tied to the shore. The boat immediately swayed in the wind, Xiao E was afraid to seize the side of the boat, the heart is deeply regretful, has reminded himself countless times to be careful of the four childs, how every time it happens to be hit. Who told her to see the eyes of the four childe dizzy, not only her, the house up and down, who can resist his move. The little boy covered his mouth and laughed, "Xiao E, you come to catch me." "Xiao Yu, you're being naughty again." When the boy heard the voice behind him, his eyes immediately turned into a crescent moon and turned to the man's arms. Daddy, Daddy! He acted like a spoiled child and rubbed it in his arms. It was Gao Cheng, the powerful king of Qi, who smiled lovingly and did not pick him up as usual. Instead, he coughed lightly, "Xiao Yu, have you seen Lord Hu Lv?" Only then did he notice the guests around his father. He raised his head and looked straight at Lord Hu Lv. The adult was about the same age as his father, with a faint smile on his lips, just like the flowing water from the mountains in the golden sunshine, floating faintly with almost invisible traces of light and shadow. Are you the famous General Hu Lv? Xiao Yu's eyes brightened and he asked with his head tilted. He had heard a lot about the story of General Hu Lvguang from his mother, so when he heard the surname of Hu Lvguang, he immediately reacted. Filial piety, why are you so unruly? Gao Cheng immediately shouted softly. Oh, you know me? Hu Lvguang seems to be interested. Of course I know, I will be a general in the future, and drive all the bad guys out of my big Wei. Filial piety blinked his eyes. With a growing smile on his lips, he bent down and touched his head. "Well, I'll save you one day when you grow up and fight side by side in the future." "Yes, Xiao Yu, this is Xiaoer Heng Jia.". Three years older than you. Hu Lvguang pointed to a boy who had been silent all the time. If he does not say, he completely ignores the existence of this person. Because from the beginning to now, the little boy has not made a sound. Look at his eyebrows and eyes, which are very similar to the light of Dendrobium. A pair of light brown eyes are as vivid as weathered rain, and the tips of his eyebrows and the corners of his eyes seem to be surrounded by a faint and noble brilliance. Heng Jia elder brother, "filial piety immediately called a sweet mouth.". Hu Lv Heng Jia seemed to be startled, and a blush immediately appeared on his face. He answered and hurriedly lowered his head. Well, that's the way the boy is. He's embarrassed when he meets strangers. Hu Lvguang shook his head helplessly. Heng Jia, this child was born pure and good, but filial piety, playing bad, I do not know how much I worry about. Gao Cheng said with a smile and said to Xiao,plastic pallet suppliers, "Xiao, if you have half of Heng Jia, Dad will be relieved." 。