The girl in white seemed greatly surprised and said, "My master said that she hasn't left the Tianshan Mountains for a hundred years, but I don't know when she saved your life." As soon as Luo Yanqiu heard that the girl in white was living in the Tianshan Mountains, he asked in a hurry, "So is your teacher a goddess of the Tianshan Mountains?" The girl in white smiled faintly and said, "Yes, my teacher is the goddess of the Tianshan Mountains, who is known as the Immortal of the East and the West. Didn't I tell you when we first met?" Luo Yanqiu thought of the old man in black who had been wronged for a hundred years. He was so angry that he snorted coldly, "What are the two immortals?"? In name only! Hearing this, the girl in white was slightly stunned. Before she could speak, the two maidservants, Lu Yun and Su Yue, both stepped forward at the same time. "Don't talk nonsense," she shouted in a charming voice. As soon as Luo Yanqiuxing's eyes rolled over, he was about to have an attack. The girl in white turned to the two maidservants and said, "Why do you want you two girls to have more mouths? Why don't you step down?" She spoke slowly, but with irresistible power, and the two maidservants bowed their heads and stepped down. Then he said to Luo Yanqiu in awe, "My master hasn't been to Jianghu for a hundred years. She won't be kind to you, but she won't have a grudge against you. I wonder why you slander her." Her voice was calm, but there was a hint of displeasure. Luo Yanqiu thought of the words of the old man in black, as if he had no resentment towards the gods of the Tianshan Mountains, and could not help feeling that his words were reckless. But he was a stubborn man by nature, and it was not easy for him to admit his mistake,plastic laminted tube, so he said proudly, "a hundred years ago, Master Kong Kong framed the old man in black. Although your teacher was not the mastermind, he could not escape the suspicion of conspiracy." The girl in white opened her starry eyes wide in surprise and said, "What did you say?" In her mind, she seemed unable to suddenly accept what Luo Yanqiu had said. After a little meditation, she added, "My master asked me to come here to bury a poor old man in black for her, but unexpectedly I met you. Alas!"! I dare not say that what you said is wrong,cosmetic tube, but my master Tianshan Shenni and my uncle Kongkong are not people who frame others. Luo Yanqiu seemed to have a very strong sense of sympathy in his blood. As soon as he heard the girl in white defending the two immortals, he could not help snorting coldly: "The old man in black has been trapped by this anti-four-elephant array for a hundred years. He has never done a bad thing in his life. He has made an enemy. When he died, he still did not know why, like this indiscriminate, careless disregard for human life." Is it also what the people who are known as the two immortals of the East and the West and are respected as the Beidou of Mount Tai in the martial arts world should do? The girl in white thought for a moment and said, "My teacher claimed that she had never left the Tianshan Mountains for a hundred years, but she suddenly ordered me to bury an old man in black. I also felt quite strange. Although she didn't mean to frame this man, there must be another reason. Can I tell you when I find out?" Luo Yanqiu said proudly, "No need. In the future, I will find something to break up with the two immortals." He was self-willed for a moment, so his words became more and more stiff and arrogant. This pair of young men and women were originally affectionate and congenial, but at the moment they created a very embarrassing situation. When the girl in white heard Luo Yanqiu say such arrogant words, she seemed to be slightly angry. With a cold hum, she said, "How capable are you? You dare to find something to kill the two immortals. I don't know the depth of heaven and earth!" With that, he turned his head away angrily. Luo Yanqiu heard her say that he did not know the depth of heaven and earth, polyfoil tube ,plastic laminated tube, and that he had to contradict her, but he remembered that the unpleasant situation was entirely caused by himself, so he forced himself to hide and strode to the wooden house. The girl in white was so angry that her body trembled. "I don't know what's good for you," she said bitterly. The two maidservants, Lvyun and Suyue, hurriedly stepped forward to support the girl in white, only to hear Lvyun say, "Master, don't be angry with this kind of person. Let's go back earlier." The girl in white seemed to feel sad for a long time. Then she sighed and said, "Go and see if the old man in black has been buried." Luo Yanqiu's cold voice came from inside the wooden house. "Don't bother," he said. "Be my guest." Moments later, a loud sound sounded in the air, and the girl in white had left sadly. When Luo Yanqiu saw that the girl in white was leaving with anger in her eyes, he complained to himself on the one hand, and on the other hand, he also felt a sense of loss. In the wooden house, he was in a daze for a while. He thought to himself, With my martial arts at the moment, if I want to compete with a man like the two immortals between the immortals and the swordsmen, wouldn't it be like hitting a stone with an egg? Now, as soon as the girl in white leaves, if she tells the truth to her master, the goddess of the Tianshan Mountains, she may be in trouble. Although this is the most ideal place to practice martial arts, if the two immortals of the East and the West know about it, they will have to find another place to practice. He packed up his things, picked up a lot of mountain flowers named "Four Seasons Danhua", wrapped them in a long black gown given by the old man in black, and then bowed three times to the tomb of the old man in black and strode to the woods in the east. From the records of the hundred wonderful Buddha beads, he already knew that the method of "opposing the great array of four images" was that one tree was removed, and the whole array was lost, so he chose a thinner tree to stand in front of, secretly lucky, condensing his whole body's strength, and cut out with one palm! With Luo Yanqiu's skill at this time, it would be a problem to chop down the tree trunk that the two people were embracing for a while, not to mention that he was poisoned by drinking spring water by mistake and had not eaten food for dozens of days! Unexpectedly, after he split his palm, he heard a loud click, and the thick trunk broke at the root and fell to the ground with a crash. Immediately, the branches and leaves were flying and the dust was in the air! The occurrence of this miracle immediately shocked Luo Yanqiu. How did he know that the spring water he drank by mistake was extremely poisonous, but because the poisonous pool was surrounded by countless exotic flowers that bloomed all the year round, "Four Seasons Danhua", the water of the poisonous pool would absorb the essence of the exotic flowers from heaven and earth to the root, so that if people were poisoned by drinking water and recovered, they would not only be invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, but also be more powerful. After Luo Yanqiu was stunned for a while, he thought it was the help of the old man in black, so he cut the trunk into a wooden pillar about ten feet long, peeled off the bark with his hand, and wrote three big characters "Tomb of the Saint of Love". Luo Yanqiu erected the tombstone, which seemed to comfort him a lot, and went out of the forest again. Sure enough,pump tube, he walked through the forest, as when he entered the forest, there was no illusion in front of him.