"In the wars of the past Dynasties, psychological warfare has been widely used and is known as the" fourth mode of combat. ". In modern warfare, psychological warfare, together with public opinion warfare and legal warfare, is known as the three important tactics. As soon as the Gulf crisis broke out, US President Bush signed three secret psychological warfare warrants in succession, instructing national public opinion tools, intelligence agencies, scientific research institutions, psychological warfare experts, and some of our Asian scholars to draw up "special plans.". At the same time, the US Supreme Command quickly set up a special organization responsible for psychological warfare, the Deputy Committee, as the supreme leader of psychological warfare in the Gulf War. "The US military intends to steal the show and take the lead psychologically, creating favorable conditions for it to defeat the Iraqi army in one fell swoop.". Since then, the U.S. government has used radio, television, newspapers and magazines and other public opinion tools to repeatedly publicize and emphasize these four goals and guide the warring countries and their officers and soldiers to actively participate in the war led by the United States. When Operation Desert Storm began, the United States immediately announced that the "battle to liberate Kuwait" had begun and called on all officers and men to work hard to achieve the "glorious goal.". The next move of the United States is to use high technology combined with psychological warfare to launch a fierce attack on the enemy in order to achieve a deadly goal. First study human nature,pumpkin seed extract, then destroy people's hearts, so as to achieve military victory. Li Zhuowu spoke for an hour and a half, and Tang Zhong stood for an hour and a half. Li Zhuowu did not let him sit down, and Tang Zhong would not take the initiative to sit down. When Li Zhuowu finished his lecture, he saw Tang Zhong still standing in his seat. He pretended to be surprised and said, "Ah, Tang Zhong is still standing."? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's my fault. In order to show my apology,turmeric extract powder, can I invite you to have tea? Do you have time for Tang Zhong? Whoa Before, some of the guys who sniggered at Tang Zhong's "bad luck" and "idiot" were all dumbfounded. The foreshadowing of Li Zhuowu's feelings is buried here. Thank you, Miss Li. It's my pleasure. Tang Chong answered in a loud voice. Dean's office. Jiao Yuheng and Li Zhuowu sat side by side, and Tang Zhong sat opposite them. Tang Zhong is a student, but also the younger generation, boiling water to make tea this kind of thing naturally fell on him. Li Zhuowu's smoking addiction is relatively large, Tang Zhong and Jiao Yuheng do not smoke, where he sits alone. Tang Chong neatly boiled water to make tea, then put the teacup in front of Jiao Yuheng and Sun Zhuowu with bamboo tweezers and said, "Teacher, please have tea." "There is no hurry to drink tea." Li Zhuowu pressed the cigarette butt in his hand into the ashtray and looked at Tang Zhong and asked, "Tang Zhong, are you angry?" "Thank you for your cultivation." Tang Zhong said gratefully. Oh. You know I'm leaving you on your feet for an hour and a half? "Everyone sits and I stand, naringenin price ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, which in itself is the teacher's care for me." Tang Chong said. They can't answer questions, they just deserve to sit. Li Zhuowu said in a cold voice. This man is gentle in front of others, but extremely proud and conceited behind them. Let you stand, this is your reward. A crane stands out from the crowd. Since it is a crane, it should stand out. "Thank you, teacher." Tang Zhong could only thank him again. Why do you guess the answer to the question is Sun Tzu's Art of War? Sun Tzu's Art of War is not a psychological work in the traditional sense. I can say he's right or he's wrong. "I don't know what the answer to this question is, but I know that the answer of Teacher Li who asked this question is Sun Tzu's Art of War." Tang Chong said. Oh Li Zhuowu's eyes brightened and he asked, "Why are you so sure?" "I have read Teacher Li's" People's Heart "and know that the teacher highly praises Sun Tzu's Art of War. Moreover, the teacher specifically put forward the word'earliest ', then, Sun Tzu's Art of War, which appeared more than two thousand years ago, is it too early? And third, I know the teacher needs an answer. Li Zhuowu glanced at Jiao Yuheng and said with a smile, "Why do I need an answer?" It is said that Mr. Li and Mr. Jiao are friends and rivals. But in my opinion, friends are more than rivals. Moreover, Mr. Li will not go to Nantah just to make Mr. Jiao lose face, so you will definitely choose an answer. It's not Sun Tzu's Art of War, but it's another answer. It's just that my answer is closer to your ideal answer. 'Good. Since you mentioned Sun Tzu's Art of War, have you read this book? "Read it roughly a few times." Tang Chong said. Which one do you think I like best? "The first chapter." Tang Chong said. Reason "The first chapter is about the temple calculation, that is, before sending troops, comparing the various conditions of the enemy and ourselves in the temple, estimating the possibility of victory or defeat in the war, and formulating a battle plan.". I know that Mr. Li is the leader of the Yangtze River Advisory Committee, that is to say, what you are doing now corresponds to the content of the first chapter. Then, Mr. Li must have the most research on the first chapter. If you study anything for a long time, your feelings will be deep. Li Zhuowu looked at Tang Zhong and kept silent for a long time. Jiao Yuheng laughed and looked at Li Zhuowu and asked, "Old classmate, am I a good student?" "Dragons and phoenixes among people are psychological wizards." Li Zhuowu was generous in his praise. Li Yu can be my disciple, and this son can take over my mantle. Lao Jiao, discuss something and give me this student, too? Jiao Yuheng burst out laughing and said, "Well, you old Li, your eating is too ugly, isn't it?"? I have already taken away a talented person from Nantah, and now I still want to take away my students? But it is useless for you to talk to me about this. You have to ask Tang Zhong's permission. If he wants, I'll give it to him. Jiao Yuheng also knew that Tang Zhong was a genius in psychology, but his ambition was not here, and he could not devote himself to the field of psychological research. This made him very sorry. He thought that if Li Zhuowu could take him away and educate him wholeheartedly,ghana seed extract, his future would be limitless. Even if he became a student of Li Zhuowu, as long as he achieved outstanding results, he was happy for Tang Zhong. He sincerely hoped that Tang Zhong could become a disciple of Li Zhuowu. Follow him wholeheartedly to learn human psychology. Did Miss Li accept Li Yu as a student? Tang Zhong said gratefully. I propose a toast to teacher Li with tea instead of wine. Please ask Teacher Li to take care of Li Yu in the future. 。 prius-biotech.com