Fuck off! Fuck off The eunuch Wang Chengen took two steps to stop the tottering emperor and said, "Your Majesty, take care.." Turning his head, he waved his sleeve to Baiguan repeatedly, "quit the class." Please go back for a while and listen to the call at any time. As soon as the order was given, it was really the emperor's grace and amnesty. When the officials kowtowed and thanked him, a sudden hoofbeat went straight to the ear drum. Someone shouted, "Viceroy Li is here!" (Introduction) Broken City Ride a white horse straight to the palace. The horseshoe knocks on the jade steps, and the sound is clear and exciting. Li Guozhen, the viceroy of Xiangcheng, rode a horse and galloped straight in front of him. He turned over and dismounted. He was so hasty that he almost fell to the ground. A Chamberlain hurried forward to help him stand up and said, "Lord Li, stand up. Where did this come from?" Without answering, Li Guozhen shouted, "Where is Shengjia?"? Report back to me quickly. I have something urgent to report to you! The Chamberlain was stunned for a moment and said, "It's time to retire from court. Lord Li, you're late!"! "Tomorrow!" Another Chamberlain waved his hand and said, "Don't frighten the emperor.." Lord Li, keep your voice down! Li Guozhen "Hey", stamp a foot to say aloud: "What time is it, still whisper! If you don't give me back, I'll go by myself! He pushed the Chamberlain away and strode in. Later, the Chamberlain was in a hurry. With a cry of "hello", he hurried up and said, "Stop him!" The court is so strict that it is not easy. Eight gold and silver armor of the big inside the warrior immediately lined up, long Ge Fang day halberd pointed straight ahead,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, blocked his way. Li Guozhen stared round with two eyes and called out: "You..." All of a sudden, he was so sad that he said, "Why don't you let me pass?"? The city is broken! As soon as the words came out of his mouth, several chamberlains were frightened out of their wits, and then the officials in the hall dispersed in a hubbub, surrounding him and arguing with him endlessly. Holding a whip in one hand, Li Guozhen sweated his clothes, with a beard all over his face and red eyes. When he was about to explain to everyone, the eunuch Wang called out,ghana seed extract, "Send Li Guozhen to see you quickly!" All the ministers held Li Guozhen in their arms and entered the palace door, but they saw the emperor face to face. The emperor-Your Majesty- With a grin and two cries, Li Guozhen threw himself on the ground and kowtowed for a moment. "I'm incompetent," he said in tears. The outer city is going to be broken, and we can't hold it! The emperor is quick. Run away.. Please move quickly. Baiguan had lost his soul, a listen to the general who is responsible for guarding the city Lee said so, immediately the crowd, everyone care about a young and old, immediately dispersed in a hubbub, went to more than half, the remaining half, also confused idea, just look at the emperor, some hope, what else is perfect. The emperor's face was as white as snow, and he seemed surprised. Li Guozhen took a step on his knees and said calmly, "Those soldiers.." They all stay still. I beat with a whip, hit one by one, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,turmeric extract powder, then lie down again in the past, there is news that the three camps outside the city, down the fall, scattered scattered.. And they all collapsed! Zhu Youjian said in a trembling voice, "That's right." We still have ten thousand enemies, trains and cannons. It doesn't work. More than half of them are in the hands of the enemy. Li Guozhen said with trepidation, "The thief drove a ladder to attack the three gates of Xizhi, Pingze, and Desheng. Two of them were lost, and it seems that the remaining one can't be defended.." "Where is our Daredevil Guard?" "It's all up to them, but more than half of them are dead!" Li Guozhen learned a lesson from the bitter experience and said, "From my hand, I have given each of you three hundred yuan.." Just stand up in the face of danger, look also can't, the other side's'monkey soldier ',' shearing thief 'too fierce, simply don't want to die! The emperor is stupefied, Na Na asks: "What'monkey soldier ',' shear hair thief '?" Li Guozhen sighed with regret: "These are teenagers, all of whom can fly up the ladder to the city. They are as flexible as monkeys. They have a machete in their hands, and they are not afraid of death.." As soon as our soldiers met them, they were all soft, and all of them were waiting for death! Zhu Youjian suddenly laughed, and the sound was worse than crying. Everyone looked at the emperor's face, white and blue, more like a black gas over the head, that is a very ominous omen, is it. Suddenly, Zhu Youjian stopped his miserable laughter- "I understand, I know.." His red eyes flashed over everyone's face one by one. "You civil and military officials.." All of them are good. If I had known today, why should I have. Things come to such a situation, unexpectedly no one can dispatch for me, but I want to try to think for you.. He went on to say in a mournful tone, "The country keeps its troops for a thousand days, and really expects them to serve the battlefield for a day, but who knows that in the end they are not as brave as a group of children in the thief camp, who are ordered to kill and cut.." It seems that China has run out of gas this time. I really can't keep it. I hate.. Hate.. He shouted two words of hate in succession, and when he wanted to say something more, he was so angry that his eyes turned white and he fainted on the spot. (Introduction) Tuo Gu The gauze curtain opens lightly and the wind chimes tinkle. The "Palace of Heavenly Purity" is silent, and although the 17 groups of hexagonal palace lanterns have all been lit, the light gathered is still dim and gloomy. The emperor was lying on the imperial couch, and his plain robe was lightly untied. He was being carefully served by two imperial physicians. A golden needle was inserted between his eyebrows, in Renzhong, in Yuchi, and in Chengzhong. Empress Zhou and Concubine yuan each stood at the head of the bed, but their tearful eyes were not dry and they did not say a word. Prince, Ding and Yong were all silent, just sitting on one side with their heads bowed. In addition, is a few imperial minister. Everyone looked sad, and there was not even a slight cough. Listening to the bitter wind and rain outside and the approaching rumble of guns, they interweaved into a night of great terror and heavy melancholy. Guo Taiyi held the holy vein in his hand and suddenly turned to the Chamberlain beside him. "It's all right. The emperor will wake up soon!" Another doctor, Liu Taiyi, held a silver covered bowl in both hands, which contained a carefully prepared "tranquilizing Baihe Baoye". As Jiang Taiyi took off the golden needle, the emperor opened his eyes as expected. At this time, the prince, the two kings,pumpkin seed extract, Empress Zhou, and Concubine yuan all came forward and knelt down and kowtowed to pay their respects. Zhu Youjian looked at them for a moment and sat up. "What's going on." Are you all here? The empress shed tears and said, "The emperor was in a hurry and fainted in the Hall of Martial Valor. He thought he was too tired. Guo Taiyi and Liu Dayi came to wait on him." 。 prius-biotech.com