Oracle is a database management platform from Oracle corporation. It was launched in the year 1977 and is suitable for supporting all kinds of data models. Also, it is one of the popular relational database platforms in the IT market for organizing, storing, and retrieving data. Oracle products are widely in use in the market. Looking at the widespread use of this database, Oracle Online Training can help you in learning its dynamics. Oracle products are scalable and secure and also give high-performance features.

Benefits of Oracle Database

  • Performance: It is easier to retrieve and alter data faster. Also, Oracle has procedures and principles that help us get high database performance levels. Further, it also helps with execution time and optimization techniques in its database. 
  • Flexible: This database allows one to write an Oracle application by making secure changes to the OS and hardware.
  • Backup and Recovery: Moreover, it is easy to accomplish recovery quickly by using the. RMAN (Recovery Manager) functionality of this database
  • Multiple Database: This database resource management allows faster caging that can work together to manage services across multiple platforms.
  • Editions: It benefits you to purchase editions according to application requirements. Further, they update the edition with changing requirements. 
  • PL/SQL Supports: The database permits PL/SQL extension for procedural programming processes.
  • Flashback System: The recent Oracle version supports this system. It permits you to recover the data incorrectly deleted or lost by human errors. This includes accidental deletion of valuable data, dropping the table, or deleting the wrong data.

Some drawbacks

  • Difficult: Oracle is not recommendable for anyone who is new to database management. 
  • Cost: Its price is higher than other databases. 
  • Difficult to operate: It is complex and difficult in the area of management of certain activities.
  • Size: The use of Oracle in small or medium-sized companies is not advisable where small databases are needed.


However, Oracle is one such database that suffices the need of every enterprise. Most of the company work on the Oracle database. So, if you are thinking of employment, learning the Oracle database can be fruitful. Moreover, to help you with the learning process Oracle Training Institute in Delhi can help you with all the basic requirements. Also, learning Oracle will help you in multiple ways and will always be a benefit in your career.