Did you know there are six basic categories of physical therapy, each using a unique set of techniques and tools to address specific motor and postural issues? Many drug-free rehabilitative and therapeutic approaches are included in this branch of medicine.

Several Best Physiotherapy in Ozone Park subspecialties have evolved to address certain conditions and diseases more effectively. These days, persons with injuries or illnesses can access various therapeutic approaches that may help them recover and return to normal physical functioning.


Treatment aims to help patients maintain as much independence as possible for as long as feasible. Best physical therapy in Flushing, Queens help people who have lost mobility, vision, balance, or muscular strength to do everyday tasks.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Work-related physical activities are the focus of this physical therapy. This treatment is often administered to patients with non-accidental injuries on the job. Occupational therapists help people who work with their hands learn safe and effective lifting techniques. Knee-to-back lifting is the focus of this kind of physical therapy.

Back injuries caused by inappropriate lifting account for one in five job diseases and injuries. Most cases involve the lower back and represent an exacerbation of pre-existing injuries. Occupational therapy may also help you improve your posture while doing manual tasks.

In addition to these aims, the treatment aims to improve the patient's upper- and core body strength. That is because most of your physical activity, including manual work, occurs in these regions.

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