What Does An Immigration Consultant Do?

It can be difficult and unpleasant to change your permanent residence from one country to another or to obtain a work, study, or visitor visa. The procedure can be scary with so much documentation and legal information to manage. Immigration consultants can be useful in this situation.

Understanding what an immigration consultant performs will be beneficial as you start the process of changing your citizenship or looking into other immigration services.


What You’ll Learn

This article will cover a variety of subjects, including: What an immigration consultant is; How they differ from immigration lawyers; What kind of jobs they perform; For permanent residences; For visitors; and Information about Oro Immigration Services.

 You can now better comprehend how an immigration consultant can help you cross the border and settle down as a citizen, employee, or student in another nation.

 What Is An Immigration Consultant?

The primary point of contact for those seeking to emigrate from one nation to another is an immigration counselor. To facilitate the person's entry into the nation, the consultant offers legal advice and aids in the documentation and immigration processes. People who want to live somewhere else for a long period for academic or professional reasons can also assist with arranging jobs, work studies, and travel permits.

The immigration laws and processes needed to enter and remain in a nation are often well-known to immigration experts. Nevertheless, a counselor for immigration matters is not a lawyer. Therefore, only immigration-related legal services or advice may be offered by an immigration consultant; all other legal services or advice are prohibited.

Immigration Consultant Vs. Lawyer: What’s The Difference?


Immigration consultants and lawyers have different roles, despite the similarities in the two professions' sounds. A lawyer is a legal professional who also practices other areas of law, like criminal, corporate, real estate, etc.

Before practicing immigration law, these attorneys must earn a law degree and pass the bar exam. They are permitted to provide applicants and clients with legal counsel and services. A law society frequently regulates lawyers.

Immigration Consultants

On the other hand, CNC Consulting are specialists who must also pass a program restricted to immigration law. After completing the program, participants must pass a test to get licensed. Only individuals who pass the exam are qualified to represent clients as Regulated Immigration Consultants. Therefore, our consultants at Oro Immigration Services are required to have a Bachelor's Degree in addition to the immigration consultant program.

You can get help moving to Canada temporarily or permanently from an immigration consultant because they specialize in and primarily study immigration law. They can help you with applications for studies, employment, travel, business, and permanent residence applications.

They must be members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada to practice as immigration consultants, making them subject to governmental regulation. This is done to uphold the law and safeguard the needs and interests of the clients. Additionally, you can check a consultant's website to see if they are in good standing.

You must make sure that your representative is qualified and in good standing with The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants or The Law Society, depending on whether you want to work with a consultant or a lawyer. Keep in mind that the only professionals who may bill for their services are immigration consultants and attorneys.

 What Do Immigration Consultants Do?

Among the services that immigration consultants can offer are changing your citizenship or place of permanent residence and helping you apply for a work permit or a student visa. In addition, when you employ an immigration consultant, they will assist you in getting into Canada so you can visit, study, or conduct business there. Everyone who is entering Canada can get assistance from an immigration expert, including students, refugees, politicians, and business people.

For Permanent Residents

You, permanent residents, must know and comprehend any programs, laws, government regulations, legal rights, and immigration requirements before moving into a new residence. Making sure you have the right paperwork when applying for any program and crossing the border to land is the responsibility of an immigration expert.

For guests, employees, and students

You must apply for a work, travel, or student visa to enter Canada and remain there for a predetermined period if you are not a permanent resident. You may get your visas and get any queries you might have answered by an immigration professional. They also evaluate a client's chances of receiving a work, travel, or student visa.

In Summary

You are taking a step to secure safe and legal admission into the country when you employ an immigration consultant and begin moving to a new location. To act on your behalf, Canadian immigration advisors are qualified and subject to regulation. They are familiar with all the rules and privileges in their new home.


A range of clientele is served by consultants who are educated to help make the immigration procedure simple and trouble-free. They will assist you along the route, from obtaining visas to ensuring you have the necessary paperwork. However, remember that even little errors sometimes threaten your ability to remain in Canada.

What services do immigration consultants provide?

An immigration consultant helps customers with the paperwork and licenses to make their international transfer easier. In addition, they are the experts when moving clients to a certain place or several locations. Their goal is to maintain open lines of communication with clients and authorities so that the application can be processed as needed per applicable law. With the assistance of their immigration consultants, Beyond Immigration works internationally in every field, including study abroad, TechUSA, international internships, hospitality recruitment, permanent residency programs, LMIA, and any other immigration requirement that must be satisfied in full compliance with the law. They are a trustworthy and dependable staff with a network and operate throughout the country as India's best and most known immigration consultation and services.

What makes a good immigration consultant?

A specialized, knowledgeable, experienced immigration consultant can offer customers the best assistance and direction. First and foremost, Beyond Immigration has a staff of the greatest immigration advisors who are excellent at negotiating and talking with authorities, which is necessary for visa application. They collaborate and communicate with the clients and the relevant authorities due to their interactive nature, collaboration, and good interpersonal skills; this contributes to an effective professional and human relationship. Given the vibrancy and diversity of India, Beyond Immigration also aspires to develop connections with its clients and customers based on a range of national/international, cultural, educational, and religious backgrounds. These immigration advisors at Beyond Immigration are highly skilled and knowledgeable about Canadian immigration law.

What is the difference between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant?

 The Latin root of the word "differ" is different, which means to distinguish. At Beyond Immigration, immigration consultants offer their clients excellent advice and services. Their collaboration, clear communication, thorough understanding of the immigration process, 100% visa success rates, and access to professional counsel or advice set them apart. These serve as testimonials in and of themselves, demonstrating the value of employing an accomplished immigration adviser. An immigration consultant works by their client's profile by comprehending their needs to increase the likelihood that their visa application will be approved. The immigration consultants achieve the best results through organizational techniques, research-based networking relationships, and negotiation abilities. They are able to understand their client's wants and channel them in line with the client's profiles thanks to their analytical thinking and open-minded attitude.

However, if necessary, an immigration attorney can represent a client before the Federal Court. An immigration counselor, however, takes great care while submitting the client's application. They know how to preserve your privacy; thus, they don't divulge their clients' private information to third parties.