Retirement should be a time in life when couples at long last have time for each other, and the opportunity to do things together they may have previously postponed. For some this might include hobbies or travel, getting involved in community organisations or spending more time with family and friends. While all these are reasonable and healthy goals, for some couples, retirement proves to be the opposite. It can be a time of increased stress and anxiety on their marriage and relationship. A couple counselling London therapist may be able to provide suggestions that will improve your unique situation, and identity negative patterns that can be redirected towards more positive and relationship improving words and actions. They can help you build a vision for your retirement, manage change and set realistic goals and objectives, and Hypnotherapy.


Although retirement for many is a joyous time, one that they have long anticipated, it brings along with it many changes. Preparing for, and accepting the changes emotionally, financially and physically that come with retirement is not easy for some - and will often be the cause for increased tension within the relationship. It may be possible as a couple to accept the transition to retirement easier through the guided council of a qualified, professional couple's counsellor.

Couples Retreats for Retirees

One method that has been effective for some couples to rekindle their affection and start this new chapter of their life together has been through attendance of an intensive couple's therapy program at a couples retreat. Quite often at an intensive program such as this, they will focus on seeing the strengths in your partner, and creating a better communication pattern. Conflict resolution is also often discussed, as are techniques for change acceptance.

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Mapping out Your Expectations

As previously mentioned, couples may have a vision for how they hope to live when they retire. It is important to discuss what your expectations are, and whether they can realistically be carried out based on you budget. If one partner is hoping for extensive travelling, this may conflict with the desire of the other if it is their intent to stay close to home and have more time with grandchildren or nearby family and friends. Discussing where to live, health care options, financial plans and other goals are all necessary, and a councillor will often help you work through these types of concerns by offering unbiased, non judgemental input. They can provide communication improvement techniques so that each partner feels they have been heard, and that their opinion is respected.

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Retirement can most definitely be time where couples can look forward to being able to spend more time together, and learn to reconnect on an emotional and physical level. Ensuring a positive foundation is laid through effective communication and honest participation in the counselling sessions can be a step forward towards the happy retirement together both partners deserve.