Businesses must reconsider their workflows and implement a digital print strategy as pages move from conventional press runs to digital printing systems as Ricoh production printer environments change. Systems for printing combine security, dependability, and performance with simple walk-up and software controls. A production printer has significantly quicker PPM speeds than a conventional or multifunction printer. They also provide a wide range of bespoke finishing solutions to speed up and streamline massive print projects.

RDS TEAM may support your efforts to bring back previously outsourced projects, improve current machinery, or increase capacities through superior finishing using our print production systems. Through our production print systems, we specialize in helping in-house and commercial printers accomplish their business objectives.


The Ricoh Greenline copiers and printers have the following salient characteristics.:


  1. Energy-saving mode: Reduces power consumption when not in use.


  1. Sleep mode: Automatically puts the machine into sleep mode when not in use, further reducing power consumption.


  1. Two-sided printing: Printing on both sides of the page makes it possible to conserve paper.


  1. Toner saves mode: Saves toner by printing at a lower quality when unnecessary (such as for drafts).

The Different Types of Ricoh Greenline Copiers and Printers

Ricoh offers a wide range of copiers and printers designed to be more environmentally friendly. The company's Greenline series includes color and black-and-white models and all-in-one devices that can print, copy, scan, and fax.


Ricoh's Greenline series copiers and printers are designed to minimize their environmental impact in some ways. For example, many models use recycled plastics in their construction, and all models use toner cartridges that can be refilled or recycled. RicohGreenline copiers and printers are Energy Star certified, meaning they use less energy than traditional models.

The many Ricoh Greenline printers and copiers are broken down into the following categories:


Black-and-White Copiers: Ricoh's black-and-white Greenline copiers are available in desktop and floor-standing models. These copiers offer speeds of up to 36 pages per minute (ppm) and include features such as duplex printing and scanning, energy-saving modes, and support for various paper sizes.

Colour Copiers: Ricoh's color Greenline copiers are also available in desktop and floor-standing models. These devices offer speeds of up to 30 ppm for both color and black-and-white documents. Like the black-and-white models, they include features such as duplex printing and scanning, energy-saving modes.