Plumbing Parts in stock For over 20 years, producing ODM/OEM Machined parts has been our company鈥檚 key strength. We not only specialize in a variety of CNC machining, polishing and plating; but we also have the ability to transform customer design requirements into unique and tangible goods. Our capabilities include: R&D validation includes: extensive prototyping, testing, and modifying. This ensures that we provide customers with more reliable products. Customer tooling is designed to support efficient manufacturing and high quality production as well as patent ownership. Flexibility to outsource to prequalified supplier networks reduced manufacturing costs. In- House for final assembly and inspection, not only to provide refined products as well as better services. Professional Testing Equipment ensures each stage of productions meets standing and requirements. Great Teamwork ensures not only effectiveness and efficiency, as well as pursuing new innovation and improving precise skills.Plumbing Parts in stock website: