The rule was changed in 2015 to say that "any contact with the helmet is considered to be a violation," it was flagged up to seven times per game during the preseason on the field, with the majority of them in the defensive line Mut 23 coins.

I recall receiving a phone call from my brother following their first preseason game , when numerous flags were raised against him for violating this rule, and the player was snarled. He was playing against a defensive player who was smaller and when he decides to punch his chest his hands naturally rise up and then make a brief contact with the helmet of the defensive player. This was not previously a problem but now it is. We were both concerned that it could fundamentally alter offensive line play.

As the regular season began, the calls disappeared. I'm pretty sure Mitch was not cited for one of these throughout the season. They weren't implemented as per the rules book and any contact with the helmet wasn't considered an offense. A direct blow to the helmet was legal and playing in the trenches did not have changed fundamentally.

This is a long method of saying that I don't believe that the Madden NFL 23 will continue to leniently enforce the new helmet rule in the season. If they do make a mistake making it clear from time to the time? Of course they'll, but this rule shouldn't significantly alter the game , if enforced correctly.

One final thought: I'm not the greatest advocate of making everything in Madden NFL 23 reviewable, however, I believe that it's a good idea. Madden NFL 23 will need to consider the possibility of making this decision part of the review process. The review process is in place at college, and should it's found that the Madden NFL 23 persists to make a wrong decision the decision will have to be examined (it could be reviewed if the player is being kicked out) cheap madden nfl 23 coins.