Triluma cream is a prescription-based, combination formula for treating facial Melasma. The healing properties of Triluma helps to reduce skin redness itching and swelling. 

Melasma typically appears as an oblique, dark area in the face (especially on the cheeks, forehead and chin region).

Most often as per experts, melasma causes due to hormonal changes (usually in menopausal or pregnancy) as well as continuous exposure to sunlight estrogen-type hormones for birth control). 

Triluma cream - ( is a mix of 3 different drugs, such as Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, Fluocinolone. 

This medication aids in reducing the appearance of melasma but is not a cure for all. Find out more about the efficient agents that perform when applying this topical formula:

  1. Hydroquinone is a skin lightening medication that functions as a reversible bleaching agent. This decreases the skin's pigmentation (melanin) and causes darkening of the skin.
  2. Tretinoin is a form made from synthetic vitamin A which rejuvenates skin faster. Tretinoin belongs in a category of drugs called retinoid. They increase the shedding of skin.
  3. Fluocinolone is a medium-strength corticosteroid that the appearance of skin redness, itching and swelling.

Triluma cream helps lighten the appearance of melasma spots by slowing melanin production. 

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Usage of Triluma Cream

A prescribed treatment with Triluma is a good outcome. Make sure you apply the correct dose of the cream and the duration recommended by your dermatologist (skin doctor). 

It is also possible to consult the label in the package to learn the best way to apply this cream. 

Triluma is to be used only for external purposes therefore, use it with caution. 

Don't apply this cream in a large amount to see faster results. using it in this manner could result in unintentional skin irritations and itching. 

Inform your physician if you have any allergy to any of the components in this product. Also, inform your doctor if you're nursing or pregnant.

Applications Methodologies for Tri Luma Cream

Applying Triluma cream is easy and you will be able to follow the steps below to apply it or, alternatively you could look up a label within the packaging.

  • To prevent any adverse negative effects, it's advised to perform a few tests on the skin to determine the presence of any skin issues that could develop in over the within the next 24 hours. Make sure to not apply the cream on broken or injured skin.
  • Begin treatment if you do not experience any adverse reactions within the first 24 hours following the application of the cream. If you do experience negative side effects, speak to your physician before applying it further. It is possible to ignore the slight swelling if it happens and will disappear in its own.
  • Wash your face with mild cleanser, then pat your skin dry prior to application.
  • Make a small amount with your fingertip, and apply a thin, even layer of the affected are. Apply the formula gently until it is visible to the skin.
  • Avoid covering the part with a bandage unless the doctor has instructed you to do so.
  • Apply this medicine 30 minutes prior to going bed, and clean your face in the morning, when you awake.
  • Apply a mild moisturizer following washing your face at the beginning of each day, in the event of dry skin.
  • Do not go out in the sun following application of Tri Luma cream. However, should you have to leave the house, make sure to apply sunblock (min SPF 30, or higher).
  • Beware of harsh chemical-based cosmetic products, such as soap.
  • Use this cream cautiously to ensure that it does not enter your nose, eyes or mouth. If it does, rinse it off with water immediately.
  • Apply the cream regularly until you see the desired outcomes.
  • It can take anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks before you see visible results, and it could take up to 8 weeks for the desired results. Talk to your doctor if your health does not improve within this time.
  • It is possible to experience minor dryness of the skin or redness. You may also experience stinging, which are typical side effects of this cream. If any of these symptoms persist (about 2-3 weeks) consult your physician to discuss further.