A tantalizing leak from the realm of Genshin Impact has emerged, hinting at an upcoming addition to the esteemed ranks of the Fatui's Harbingers, who are poised to assume a playable role during the captivating Fontaine cycle. With the eagerly anticipated release of the game's newest region merely a few months away, leaks have already begun to unravel clues about the enigmatic Fontaine. Recent revelations from ongoing developments have unveiled a plethora of new characters poised to join the illustrious roster of the HoYoverse RPG, along with captivating locales that players will have the fortune to traverse within the realm of Fontaine. Now, a fresh update tantalizes us with a glimpse of the next playable Fatui Harbinger.

Previous leaks pertaining to the saga of the Hydro Archon's domain have already alluded to the involvement of multiple Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact's stirring new storyline. Both Dottore and Wanderer have been tantalizingly hinted at, destined to play pivotal roles in the latest Archon Quests. These characters also assume prominent positions in the overarching narrative of the Sumeru region. Furthermore, leaks have ignited speculation that additional Harbingers will grace the stage, with Arlecchino and Sandrone believed to make their captivating debut within the grand tapestry of Fontaine. As the new region dawns, it is rumored that a fresh addition from the ranks of the Fatui shall grace the playable roster.

A recent leak, unveiled by the renowned Genshin Impact insider Tao via the esteemed leaker known as Little Teyvat, has shed light on the identity of the presumed playable Fatui Harbinger slated to join the Fontaine cycle. According to this update, Sandrone is poised to ascend as Genshin Impact's third playable Fatui member, following in the footsteps of Tartaglia and Wanderer. Teaser trailers have tantalized us with glimpses of Sandrone, often accompanied by a formidable mechanical companion, hinting at their role as a researcher delving into the realm of automatons, akin to the infamous Ruin enemies. It is worth noting that Sandrone has yet to make an official appearance in Genshin Impact, with their existence solely teased through trailers and evocative character voice lines.

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The potential inclusion of Sandrone within the playable lineup of the Fontaine cycle comes as leaks from the world of Genshin Impact have already offered glimpses of several other intriguing characters. Lyney and Lynette, initially teased in the game's captivating "Travail" trailer released shortly after its launch, are fervently rumored to make their debut alongside the grand unveiling of Fontaine in Version 4.0. Leaks have also tantalized us with hints of other captivating individuals native to Fontaine, including a Cryo character named Wriothesley and an unnamed figure affiliated with Fontaine's Navy. As of the present, the highly anticipated Version 4.0 update, heralding the advent of the new region, is anticipated to grace our screens in mid-August.

While Fontaine promises a cornucopia of novel adventures for avid Genshin Impact enthusiasts, it is important to note that the realm of the Hydro Archon is not the sole domain awaiting exploration in the near future. Recent leaks have unveiled that Version 3.8 will introduce a limited-time region, reminiscent of the illustrious Golden Apple Archipelago. This new expanse, known as Penumbra, is believed to serve as a harbinger of the forthcoming Fontaine region, and shall bestow upon us new attires for the cherished characters Klee and Kaeya. With the advent of Fontaine on the horizon and the imminent arrival of a limited-time region, the coming months promise to be an exhilarating time of bustling activity and excitement for dedicated fans of Genshin Impact.

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