The Bank of America has come up with an all-new digital tool- Life Plan that will help you to accomplish your goals i.e. short-term or long-term. You can get advice regarding the same as and when required by you and lets you adjust the same according to the turns that come to your lives.

Irrespective of your goals, the Bank of America login has offered a wide category of plans that you can pick from to accomplish the same. 

Categories offered by the Bank of America

The financial company has provided you with a list of about 27 options to choose a Life Plan from it. Some of the categories offered by the Bank of America from which you can pick up a relevant one as per your need are as follows:

  • Buy a home
  • Improve credit
  • Cover health care costs
  • Pay off loans
  • Refinance
  • Rent
  • Welcome a child
  • Start a new job
  • Travel
  • Save for education
  • Get married
  • Make an estate plan
  • Start Business

There are several other options to build a Life Plan that is provided by this organization. You can select any of the listed ones offered by the company according to your needs and preferences.

How you can create your Life Plan?

To get a Life Plan you’ll have to go for a Bank of America login. To have an access to it you can go with its Mobile Banking app, Online banking, or even get in touch with the financial specialist who will listen to your plan and help you in putting your plans into action.

The basic steps involved in building a Life Plan are listed here underneath:

  • Determine your goals: Set your goals as per your need and then break them down into achievable milestones. You can even plan to buy a house, save for education, or do anything that you wish for.
  • Get tailored advice: Get personalized advice that best suits your need from the trusted financial specialist that help you to shape your future goals.
  • Track the plan’s performance: Keep an eye on the daily progress to analyze the direction in which your plan is moving. It also helps you to give useful insights and information related to your Life Plan.
  • Modify the plan when needed: You can even modify the plan as per the changes in your future goals. Moreover, if you wish to change the plans then you can do so with some simple taps.

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Bottom Line

Bank of America login is dedicated to working towards adding financial wellness to your lives along with meeting your expectations. With a life plan, you can set and track your goals in just a few clicks and can secure your future goals with the advice of financial specialists.