Jerry Jones thinks Tony Romo ought to be Madden NFL 23 MVP

The Dallas Cowboys clinched the NFC East crown Sunday with an unbeaten streak of wins and entire demolition from the Indianapolis Colts Mut 23 coins.  The chief within the victory have become Tony Romo, who finished with four landing passes and  passes that were now not finished en route to a victory of 42-7.

The overall performance became fantastic, Romo extended his passer score up to 114.Four in addition to his entire rate as much as 70.3 and his finishing touch percentage to 70.3. Every of which surpass the average of Madden NFL 23. In reality, Romo's passing rating is currently the 6th most in a single season in Madden NFL 23 records, really zero.7 from Peyton Manning's one hundred fifteen.1 rating in 2013. Which earned the Denver Broncos quarterback Madden NFL 23 MVP accolades.

There may be a few thing precise approximately Tony Romo Dallas has moved beyond the swoons of December and is racing closer to the playoffs. Their triumph on the field starts offevolved offevolved with the locker rooms, in which Tony Romo has completed something not many Madden NFL 23 quarterbacks can boast about.

Simply one activity is left for Romo and his crew to complete the completing facts on probably the most memorable universal overall performance of his career buy madden nfl 23 coins, but Cowboys manager Jerry Jones has visible sufficient to trust the quarterback is the Madden NFL 23's MVP for the 2014 season.